Outdoor Installation "UBUNTU" by Susan Woolf

The eleven sculptures of Witness cast shadows which collectively read "UBUNTU'',
every day between 10am and 11am throughout the year.

This maquette, carved out of a variety of woods,
is a design for an outdoor installation which stands in an open space in a specific position under the sun.
When completed in metal they will span more than 30 meters across with a general height of 3 meters.
The sculptures all lean at a 30º angle to the ground.

The leaning of the work creates a tension in the space and is significant semantically across many cultures.
We lean towards each other in friendship. We lean over backwards to accommodate one another.
The experience becomes more meaningful as the shadow of friendship touches all who pass by.

Ubuntu represents respect and generosity towards all people,
“… a sense that my humanity is bound up in your humanity.” (Bishop Desmond Tutu).
The way that Madiba encompasses all South Africans is a profound
and living example of the true meaning of ubuntu.

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UBUNTU: A quality made up of sympathy, kindness, and respect towards other people,
that is considered to be a part of the African way of life

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