The Executive Suite

Shadowbox Inn is a proud sponsor

of both the Democratic National Convention

and the Republican National Convention.


We are dedicated to serving our VIP with no questions asked

If you've never doubted the integrity of your superiors or their

and confidentiality guaranteed.  We pride ourselves in
right to demand obedience, nor felt the sting of wishing for
providing hospitality of the finest quality.  In our executive
something that could not be found on department store
suites, coins always land heads up.  Between these walls, 
shelves or voting ballots;
there is only one side to the coin.  You can bet on that and

If you've never fallen so deeply in love that it seemed you had
take it to the bank. So hang your hat at the door.  Check your
been sleepwalking through life until that moment, never
creed and politics at the front counter.  Hand your keys to the
daydreamed in a board meeting or math class, never been
valet and your card to the clerk. We will help you let go and
carried away by extremities of emotion while everyone around


you remained unmoved and oblivious;
Feel free to name your pleasure.  And feel free to pick your
If you've never suspected that real life must be elsewhere,
poison. You have earned it.  You deserve it.  And know one
somewhere beyond the shopping districts and suburbs, off the
will ever know it. Your laundry is our laundry, and can never
highway, over the fields and oceans; If there is no part of you

be stained or tarnished as long as you entrust your privacy
unfulfilled by stock options and prime time programming and
with us.  We have never, and will never be taken to the
left cutting edge digital technology ---
cleaners.  Your money, your public service, your company
then perhaps this game is not for you.
and clout are all in safekeeping, beyond a shadow 

But if you have a secret self, play on.

of a doubt.

But if you have a secret self, play on.