Pool Hall


Shadowbox Pool 

Shadowbox Pool is a simple cue sport with many variations.

One player is stripes, the other is solids.  Stripes uses the cue ball as their cue, and solids uses the 8 ball as their cue.

The game is begun by the cue ball breaking the rack as in the game "eight ball."   

The object is to pocket your opponent's balls before they pocket yours.  You must pocket the balls in order.  For example, if you are stripes, you must pocket the solids beginning with 1 and ending with 7.  If you are solids, you must pocket the stripes, beginning with 9 and ending with 15

Once you have pocketed each ball belonging to your opponent, you must pocket their cue to win the game.  In other words, if you are solids, you must pocket the cue ball.  If you are stripes, you must pocket the 8 ball.

Any balls that are hit into a pocket out of order is called a scratch.  The balls that were scratched are returned to the center of the table.  If the cue or 8 ball is scratched, the ball is returned to the table anywhere in the "kitchen".  If you knock in the correct ball while scratching another ball, they both must be returned to the table.

When you pocket an opponent's ball in its correct order, you get another turn.


For a shorter version, pocket the balls in any order, except for the cue and 8 ball.  These must always be saved for last.

And to simplify it a little more, both players can use the cue ball as their cue ball, and make the 8 ball the last ball that they have to pocket.