Google Tools Class

Agenda for Google Tools Class

Today's session will cover the myriad of online tools available to District 70 teachers through their existing Google accounts, not including Google Docs. Participants should already be comfortable with Google Docs, as this class will take those skills further. We will explore ways to use Google tools like Drive, Blogger, Sites, Calendar and Classroom to improve classroom instruction, home-school communications and teacher work-flow.

Managing Your Google Accounts

Google Drive

  • Download and install the app
  • Set-up & add it to Finder window’s side bar
  • The benefits of Cloud storage
    • Full suite of tools
    • All of your devices with mobile apps
    • Store files of any format
    • No more lost jump drives
    • Redundant back up by Google
  • DropBox has a similar app as well

Google Calendar

  • Create a calendar
  • Ideas to put it to use
  • Share via iCal
  • Embed on a web page via HTML
  • Set permissions for others

Google Forms

  • Can be used for classroom Quizzes, Worksheets, Polls, etc….
  • View a sample
  • Viewing the results
  • Play with it
  • Sharing and embedding

An Example of Google Forms

Google Classroom

  • To me, Classroom has the best elements of:
    • Blogger
    • G+ & FaceBook
    • Edmodo
  • -Posting & turning in assignments
  • -Must have an address

Go to Google Classroom

My Sample Google Classroom

Google Sites

  • How to create & use
  • Home-school communication
  • Homework assignments
  • More static content than Blogger for things like:
    • Schedules
    • Information
    • Calendar
    • Upload files & PDFs


  • How to create & use
  • Creates a running dialog
  • Home-school communication
  • Homework assignments
  • To comment, or not to comment

Google Docs Lesser Used Functions

  • Sharing’s nuances
  • Export / Import
  • Add-ons
  • Translate

Google Maps

  • For class use
  • Road maps
  • Satellite view
    • Virtual tour
    • Greography tool
  • For personal use when trying to find something, or get directions

Questions about what information should be posted where?  See the chart below: