Maenor o Teigr

    I am a fifty-something year old family man and school principal.  I have lived in Southern Colorado since I was in sixth grade.  It is the best place to live in the world because of the climate, mountains, people and food.
    I have been an educator in Pueblo School District No.70 since 1996.  I am currently the principal at Beulah School of Natural Sciences.  I love working at this school, and with these people.  Prior to this I was a fourth grade teacher at Prairie Winds Elementary for six years, and before that I was the assistant principal at Pleasant View Middle School, and before that I taught fourth grade at Pueblo West Elementary for nine years.  I am a licensed teacher and principal in the state of Colorado.

    I have an Associates Degree in History, a Bachelors Degree in English, and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

   My wife teaches French at Pueblo West High School.

    I am also a lifelong member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  It is a medieval re-creation / recreation group that has been around since “The Last Tournament” in Berkley, California in May of 1965.  I found it in 1977 when I was 15 years old.  I was initially attracted by the heavy fighting, but stayed because of the people.  The SCA’s ideals and people have shaped who I am; what I believe; what I try to be; and what I try to teach.  Some of the contents of this page applies specifically to thriving in the SCA, but most of it pertains to a broader sense of living a right and noble life.  A life that works toward the benefit of the commonweal.  Read More . . .
Best Days Ever
  • Adoption Day
  • Whale Watching
  • Every U2 Concert & Cirque du Soleil performance
  • Every day of teaching fourth grade, and being a principal.
  • Knighting Ceremony, January 17th, A.S. 49 (2015)
  • Oahu for our 25th Anniversary in 2019-2020

Favorite Things
  • Book: Founding Brothers
  • Movie: Star Wars
  • Quote: “Never trust anyone who tells only their own stories.” -Worf
  • Band & Song: U2: Beautiful Day

Things We've Experienced Together