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5/8/06- Hey this is shadow713 finally returning to keep this website in check! (hopefully everyday, but school is coming to a close and finals are coming up so no promises!) Now you may have already noticed, but everything i have done up until this point has been destroyed. i decided to begin anew and it will hopefully be better.

I will start things off by reinstating the old media for you and some new stuff as well so please enjoy! (almost all media comes from 

5/14/06- like i said schools taking up my time.  

Anyway i should have a new episode up for you soon. The Series Finale of Yu-Gi-Oh!

I also placed an "About Yu-Gi-Oh!" page on the site

5/17/06- Well i promise i will try to frequently update the site by the time May 27 rolls about cause then i will be out of school for the summer.

The episode is finally up i am sorry about the wait but it is well worth it.

So until May 27 you should only expect updates on Saturday and Sundays. Sorry about that.


check back here soon for links to other Yu-Gi-Oh! based websites!