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Bind it All

You've heard them talk about.  You may have even played with one!  Well here it is, the one and only Zutter Bind-It-All!  **imagine tadaa music here - What? No it's not going to be here you have to imagine it.  Why? Cause I hate Web sites that put music on there, subjecting you to whatever they think is cool but is really just tiresome and old.  So....  Imagine tadaa music here... the kind you like.  Maybe even just wassa saying "TaDaa!"**    **sound of crickets**   ** or not ....... whatever  ;->**   

The price is $64.99 but...

talk to me on AQ for a discount!   




Ok, I have it, I love it, but how do I take it with me?

With the BIA Bag of course!  Spacious, durable and in that cool blue color that just screams, "BIA on Board!"  You can put your BIA, tools, papers, a punch or two, glue, some kids and a billy goat in there and take it all with you to the next event.  It's log book making on the fly and who's not up for that?

The price is $29.99 but...

see if there's a current AQ Sale going on!


Draygonflies not responsible for damage to you, your BIA, your car or event pavilions from the transport of children and goats in the BIA bag.




The right tool at the right time!

Sure, you have some of the tools needed to make books already.  We all have some of 'em in the garage.  But here's a set that's earmarked for your with that wicked BIA Blue!  Everything you need in one convenient spot, but wait there's more! Kit includes: 6" stainless steel ruler, BIA pen, mini pliers, small pliers, predision scissors, mini wire cutters, scoring tool, piercing tool, large sewing needles, craft knife, extra craft knife blades and a measuring tape. 

The price is $29.99 but...

You guessed it: ask about an AQ discount!

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