Kim Im-Possible: The Characters

Meet the Idiots that make up this Comic Series... After all, if they wernt here - the comic would be pretty boring, yes?

Main Characters 

Kim Possible

Famous for: Saving the world... Frequently
First Episode: Episode 1 - Halo Y'All! (Furrie: Episode 10 - Xmas Special I)
You all know her, you all love her... she's world famous Teen Hero, Kim Possible.  Can be a bit thick in the head sometimes.



Famous for: Being a cranky smart mouth prone to excessive violence
First Episode: Episode 1 - Halo Y'All!
Shego was once a good guy, then she thought evil would be better and turned to the dark side... but with brothers like hers I wouldn't blame her...  not that I have brothers mind... (HA! I DON'T!!!)  REcently Lost her Memory to one of Shadigo's Experiments... 


Famous for: creating this wonderfully awesome l33t comic in the first place!
First Episode: Episode 1 - Halo Y'all! (Human: Episode 34 - HUMAN'D!)
Shads spends a lot of time playing Halo 2.  If he's not doing that, he's either saving the world or taking a girl on a date (whether its Kim or Shego he dates, even he can't decide between 'em...)  He also has author powers and Chaos Control skillze yo!  RARELY seen without Kim or Shego nearby...


Famous for: Being Shadigo's Pet
First Episode: Xmas Special I (look carefully...)
Rubens is Shadigo's Pet. Being Shadigo's Pet, however, means a lot of Abuse, but this Hero Chao seems to be able to take it! Can often be seen Biting into squishy stuff, fruity, or fleshy, it matters not to Rubens. Rubens speeks differently to other characters, but only Shadigo seems to understand him. 

Monkey Fist

 Famous for: Being a Genetic Freak
First Episode: Episode 2 - Amy's Syndrome
MF spends his time taking over the world with his legions of Monkey ninjas, all of which seems to come out of nowhere.  He has 1 problem though... DEGO!!


 Famous for: Pimpin'  ... and chasing Monkey Fist with a stick!
First Episode: Episode 2 - Amy's Syndrome
Dego's an over-erratic girl who goes bananas over Monkey Fist (HA!) and will quickly give chase.  Spends the rest of her time pimpin other evil Geniuses when bored of chasing MF around (and even then, that's rare!!) Dego has the power of Super Speed, making Shadigo's life hell when racing...

Alpha X


Famous for: His god awful Sucktackular Name!  And being the Generic Villain of the series...
First Episode: Episode 12 - All The Girls Love The Alpha In Blue... NOT!
Alpha may have a sucky name, but that doesn't put him off.  He's often accused of being Shadio's "Doppelganger" (or "faker" as Shadigo calls him)  he's gonna try to take over the world some Episode...  if he doesn't get distracted too much...


Famous for: Her "Blood, Death & Destruction" predictions
First Episode: Episode 4 - Drakken's Scar: Discuss! (Human: Episode 54 - Kari 2.0)
Kari is one of Shadigo's best friends.  Kari can wield magic and has been known to tell the future...  but only if you really want bad news, as you will soon see...  Recently turned Human (Sorta) after an Accedent in the TARDIS Killed Her.  But That Hasn't Stopped Her Predictions...


 Famous for: Causing a Crossover
First Episode: Episode 42 - Another Crack at a Random Plot IV (as Cameo)
Saku was a character stolen from another Webcomic. Because of this, Or a possible side effect of going from one dimension to another, she seems to have obtained pyrokenesis... Whe She Hasn't Used... Yet...


Famous for: Being Alpha X's Sidekick at the last moment's notice
First Episode: Episode 57 - Noteriety: Questionable
Rachel is pretty much Alpha X's New partner in crime. Shadi created her for fears the SVAN will get him. and that's terrible.

Enemies and Other, Really Lame Characters

Supreme One Shego

Famous for: Actually taking over the world
First Episode: ???
The Supreme One thinks for you...  the Supreme One will P0wn your soul!  BOW DOWN TO THE SUPREME ONE!

Amy Rose

Famous for: Chasing Hedgehog Shaped Objects
First Episode: Episode 2: Amy's Syndrome
Amy, Like Dego, is a cheery and overerratic girl .  But Unlike Dego, Amy likes Male Hedgehogs... A LOT!!  ...To an unhealthy obsesion of  chasing both Shadigo and Alpha X,  confusing them for Sonic. She rarely does anything else.  She REALLY needs a life...  She gave Amy's Syndrome it's name...


Famous for: Burninating stuff with Ice!
First Episode: Episode 8: Too Much Info!
Saego's the lokel Ice Queen (mainly with her powers of freezing stuff). Dark, not to mention ocassionally, one sided, She hopes that One Day Soon that Dr. Drakken appears in this comic. Some pople say She lives in the Ice Cap Zone. I say she lives in the house with the other main cast members.  Recently turned into a Just-Add-Water Pill and will hopefuly never be seen again...

Lizzie McGuire

 Famous for: She isn't famous, goddammit >.< she SUCKS!!
First Episode: Lizzie McGuire go SPLAT!
Let's face it, no one likes her, every one hates her, yet she STILL thinks she's popular.  She often speaks like a n00b and uses excessive !s and 1s.  Normally gets killed every episode she features in...