The easy way to rename

What is Mecaren ?

Mecaren allows renaming multiple files as plain text editing.

Additional Features include,Numbered Filenames, Auto Replace, File filtering.

Mecaren always will be freeware.

Tested only on XP. Should work on other versions of windows.



Download Mecaren

MecaRen V2.1


Full Readme

Welcome to Mecaren V2.1

Mecaren is an interesting twist on batch file renaming.
This is a fully functional proof of concept.
Feel free to develop this idea further. Mecaren is FREEWARE.
I wrote it because I need it.
I have a feeling others will find it useful as well.

send comments to
include the word 'mecaren' in subject line.
otherwise mail will be considered spam!

How to use Mecaren

This is by no means an extensive help.
Experiment with the program for best results.
Lots of help shown in tool tips.

Mecaren allows renaming multiple files as plain text editing.

Features include:

- Numbered Filenames: Numbering generates a incremental sequence of filenames with specified parameters.

- Auto Replace: Replaces string sequences with others automatically on all files. Enter the strings to replace in the settings window. Auto replace button toggles auto replacement.
- File filtering: The file filter box in the main window shows only the files that contain the specified text.

In the settings window, to allow quick entry of multiple replace/'replace with' strings the 'enter' key switches between the 2 boxes.
use ctrl-enter to input a newline(enter) character.

In version 2.2+
- a better readme
- more automated features
- smaller font, better UI




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