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Running and continuous (active) projects

Shade Sharp Utility [2008 - ] {Open Source }

C# utility codes mostly written by me, Open source, used in many of my C# projects. Feature list in the Sourceforge page.

Shade Simples [2010 - ] {Open Source }

"Simple programs, applications, tools, scripts developed by me. I use them sometimes so frequently I add features to them, and of course I write new ones when I need and most of them will be included here."

Easy Srt Subtitle Corrector /hungarian/ [2007 - ] {Open Source}

It's a very simple subtitle (.srt) corrector program. You provide a file (you can drag and drop), specify the amount of time will be added or subtracted and optionally the set the section will be touched (e.g. only the middle of the subtitle) - and you can save the result to the same file or to a now one. [More]

Contributions to projects

No code contributions to any project yet. Forum contributions / helps:

Finished / leaved projects

GrowOrJump [2010] {Open Source }

A simple JavaME application, playable on almost every mobile phone which supports Java. Assignment for University.
Sourceforge link:

Shade Examples / Snippets [2010] {Open Source } [Deleted]

I deleted the project, because I realized, this type of example or snippet sharing is the worst what anybody can do. It's almost unsearchable, so I decided I will rather publish and share on code snippet sharing sites (for example:, which can provide a greate searchable snippet and example database. 

"Some useful examples (e.g.: simple c++ dll creation/usage) of mine in different programming languages. For the full list of the examples see the Wiki of the project here in Sourceforge." [2008] /hungarian/ {stopped}

Live video streaming site(s) with archives. The main idea was a site template which can be customized easily and can be offered for a low price. Worked, but was not efficient enough. [More]

Nice Looking Pong: 2k7 [2007]

3D XNA ping-pong game with a little twist (against the computer or 2 player: in 1 computer / through internet, 4 brackets). I burnished it for a long time (considering the size of the project) and compete with in a competition - it won the 1st prize in computer games category. [More]

EasyHLSLCompiler [2007] {Open Source}

HLSL to shader assembly compiler GUI to DirectX's fxc shader compiler. [More]

Picture gallery [2006-2008] {Open Source}

It was a dynamic PHP/MySQL based picture gallery with permission levels. At that time I couldn't find any usable but dynamic and customizable enough picture gallery solution, so I decided to write one from the ground. [More]

Shrin Wars II: The second wave [2006.09] {Open Source, stopped}

Made with my friend birmacher. The improved (own) engine of Shrin Wars, and Dive or Die. [More]

Shrin Wars [2006.07] /hungarian/ {Open Source}

Made for a minigame competition (made in 22 days). FPS game, with a few levels and a short story. Improved (own) engine of Dive or Die. [More]

Dive or Die [2006.05] {Open Source}

Made for a competition with our (mine and birmacher's) engine. It's a diving simulator in First person view with procedural level. [More]

Early works [before 2006]

I wrote dictionary, text editor, basic 3D stuff in Delphi and Pascal back in 2004 - 2005, and some HTML programs (quick writing tester and webpages) I couldn't find and don't want to link here because of shitty quality. I also made a very basic 3D snake game in Delphi + OpenGL I was very proud of but I just couldn't find it. Anyway that was not that cool, but when I was about 14 I liked to show it everybody. Good old days :)


Everyday normal guy - Superhero edition [2008.12]

A response video to Jon Lajoie's masterpiece - the sound is the original music, but the video was a bit boring, so some of us decided to make a better one - decide whether we succeeded or not :)

Also it was made for a (high school) video competition.

Mindennapi dilemma (Everyday dilemma) [2007.12]

I'm in love with stop-motion videos - and this was my and mine friend's first try. We learned a lot from this - he made other stop motion videos for competitions (his youtube channel), I did only for private aims. The video starts and ends in normal-motion ( :P ), and it's in hungarian, but mostly only the video presented and a background music, and the story is not so relevant.

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