Welcome to Shade's Grove!

This is the space I use as a collection of all my ideas related to D&D, including everything i've been doing for the last ~14 years on redesigning the system entirely. It's something I pretty much just enjoy doing instead of for any real end goal, especially since it's something that's not likely to ever be finished (especially when I have a habit of doing and then redoing things). Just a warning: my workflow is a little haphazard, with things being half finished while I start something else entirely and so on.

A little background on all this: my "system" was originally based around the edition I came to D&D at, that being 3.5, but has since grown to be more of an edition unto itself. It's still very much based on the structure of 3.5 edition but now takes its cues from all over the place (including 4th and 5th editions, as well as Pathfinder) and smashes everything together with ideas from myself and others. It basically started as my attempt to "fix" D&D but turned into something much more.

I also have my own settings, lore and all that good stuff. These can be found at my secondary site "Shade's Worlds", which is linked at the top left in the navigation bar, purposely separated from the system stuff just to keep everything a little more tidy. This is something that's even more unfinished than the system-related parts, but worldbuilding is something else I enjoy doing and have been messing around with for even longer than the system rework.