TrebleCast ToDo List

TrebleCast is the name I have given to the overlay topology that I am developing and testing as part of my thesis. The following is a ToDo list covering the various parts that need to be done.


1.    Newscast Substrate

1.1.   Partial View

1.2.   Active Thread

1.3.   Passive Thread

2.    TrebleCast

2.1.   Indexing Scheme

2.1.1.           In/Out indexing

2.1.2.           Distance metric (hop count)

2.1.3.           Hashing method (SHA-1 mod spiral size)

2.2.   Partial View extension

2.2.1.           Support for log(n) lookup

2.2.2.           Propagation of TrebleCast data in Newscast                    Node ID                    Database info

2.3.   Node Insertion

2.3.1.           Find hole / last position in spiral

2.4.   Node Removal

2.4.1.           Graceful handoff                    Transfer of existing database info to succeeding node

2.4.2.           Ungraceful quit                    Hole repair (using Newscast substrate)

2.5.   Node Find

2.5.1.           Recursive lookup for a given node ID

2.6.   Data Store

2.6.1.           Find node corresponding to value obtained from hash method

2.6.2.           Send the data

2.7.   Data Retrieve

2.7.1.           Same as data store

3.    Monitor

3.1.   Steady state traffic and node behaviour

3.1.1.           Monitor amount and type of traffic produced by each node

3.1.2.           Relay traffic info to monitor app

3.1.3.           Interpret traffic data

3.2.   Transient state traffic and node behaviour (increasing churn)

3.2.1.           Monitor connectivity of nodes

3.2.2.           Monitor amount and type of traffic

4.    Analysis

4.1.   Complexity analysis

4.2.   Comparison between other protocols (Kademlia, Chord)

4.3.   Advantages, disadvantages & application of TrebleCast



1.    RPCs

1.1.   Ping

1.2.   Store

1.3.   Find Node

1.4.   Find Value

2.    Node insertion

2.1.   Random node ID generation

3.    Contact information

3.1.   Array of Linked lists for storing contact information for large set of nodes

4.    Distance metric

5.    Monitor

5.1.   Steady state traffic and node behaviour

5.2.   Transient state traffic and node behaviour



1.    Mostly implemented already

2.    Monitor

2.1.   Steady state traffic and node behaviour

2.2.   Transient state traffic and node behaviour