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Welcome! My name is Shad Sharma. I am an M.A.Sc student currently studying P2P overlay topologies for extremely heterogeneous networks in the Communications Group of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. I am working under the supervision of Prof. Alberto Leon-Garcia.

This page's primary purpose is to be a respository of my research work and a portal to my other projects on the Internet.

I'm currently working on TrebleCast, a new structured overlay topology designed to support a highly heterogeneous network possibly consisting of dedicated nodes. Here is the current ToDo list.

I've recently started working on the Gentoo Clustering project. Take some time to become up-to-date with it here: Gentoo Clustering

I am also currently working on an essential linux handbook which is loosely based off of The One Page Linux Manual. I found that this manual didn't have all the details I needed and it was primarily for Red Hat users so I have hacked it to be closer to the manual that I would need. Check out Shad's Essential Linux manual. It does have a slight bias towards Gentoo. You've been warned.

I've recently joined an interesting social experiment (pyramid scheme). If you're interested, check it out at: