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Town Hall Questions
Questions answered by Ashe Center Insurance Coordinator Barbara Rabinowitz: 

What are the proposed and planned changes regarding the UCOP proposed GSHIP Plan?

The proposed UCOP GSHIP plan is still in the process of finalizing
the vendors, plan design and premium fees.  We do not have an outline of
the proposed plan changes and fees.

What impact will these changes have at UCLA?

The UCLA SHIP is a very comprehensive plan.  We are concerned that
the proposed plan will not continue to provide the student with the
following benefits
  • A $600,000 Life time maximum
  • No cap on the pharmacy benefit (no dollar limitation); it must also include a pharmacy mail order program
  • No cap on the ambulance benefit (no dollar limitation)
  • No cap on Durable Medical Equipment (DME) (no dollar limitation)
  • That the Behavioral Health Service Benefit remains a carved out benefit, and stays available for students who need additional treatment (inpatient, and outpatient services & substance abuse benefits) beyond CAPS. BHS providers must continue to be readily available and easy to access for student needs
  • No pre existing condition clause
  • The $25,000 transgender surgical benefit must remain or increase
It is unknown if UCOP will grant the students a vote on the
proposed  GSHIP changes.

Why is UCLA Dental School is not a preferred provider?
  • The UCLA SHIP  Met Life Dental  account manager has contacted the school with out success.The school does not want to participate in a provider network.

What Alternative Therapies does the The Student Health
Insurance Plan (SHIP) cover? 
  • The Student Health Insurance Plan does offer  acupuncture coverage. This
    benefit is only covered for services rendered at the Ashe Center and is
    subject to the plan year deductible at 80%/20%. The plan also offers
    physical and occupational therapy,  an Ashe referral is required.
  • Chiropractic services are covered based on medical necessity and billed as physical therapy. The benefit is limited to the physical & occupational therapy benefit subject to the plan year deductible with an allowance of $65 per visit/ per day at 80%/20% and a $3,055 maximum per policy year.  An Ashe Center referral is required, it is suggested that the student locate an United Healthcare Network Provider and if possible to have all necessary diagnostic x-rays taken at the Ashe Center.
  • UCLA SHIP does not cover spinal manipulation, supplements and herbal vitamins. 
For more information, please see www.studenthealth.ucla.edu and select insurance information.

Please contact United Healthcare Student Resources at (800)-980-4698 for
additional information.

For questions regarding dental coverage, Met Life Dental can be reached at (866)665-1498. Identify yourself as a UCLA student and use your student ID number.

Should you have additional concerns on these matters please feel free to contact: 

Barbara Rabinowitz
Insurance Coordinator
UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center
Tel: x5-3416


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