Shabdik Wordlist ~ শাব্দিকের শব্দমালা


শাব্দিক is a much hyped (to quote a few: "Revolutionary", "Easiest Ever", "Most Sophisticated", "Fly like a Bird", etc.) bangla typing software inspired by famous programming coach of Bangladesh Dr. Mohammad Kaykobad. Professor Kaikobad has coached almost every Bangladeshi programmer who has participated in international programming contests, so any piece of software that he gives inspiration to deserves our careful attention (and dissection).

Shabdik comes with a "greater than 1 lac" bangla wordlist in Microsoft Access database format (Words.mdb). It is password-protected which can be retrieved using this tool. To spare you the hassle, here is the raw word-list zipped up: (~400 kbytes, current as of version 4.5). If you're curious about the password, it is l*8jD4M_^.:S<$

An unmoderated Google group has been set up to let you discuss various flaws that you might spot in this word-list and contribute possible corrections. In the near future, after some improvements have been made, an updated Words.mdb will be available on this web page that you can use as a drop-in replacement. Stay tuned.