Custom Buttons - Google Toolbar

From Google's  official page about custom buttons,

 "The Google Toolbar API lets webmasters create custom buttons for the Google Toolbar (version 4 and above) using XML. Buttons can navigate to and search a site, display an RSS feed in a menu, and change their icon dynamically. Users can add your custom buttons to their Toolbar by clicking on a link on your website or Google's Button Gallery."

 My custom buttons,

1. : Allows posting the current page to your bookmarks, searching on, and getting the current hotlist from Get it here.
What does it do?
1. Post the current page to
2. Searches at 
3. Gets the current hotlist for, updates every ten minutes. 
(What is

2. Technorati : Add the current page to your technorati favourites, search or read the technorati blog. Get it here
What does it do?
1. Post the currently visited page to your technorati favorites.
2. Search at technorati.
3. Read the technorati blog.
(What is technorati)

3. Reddit: Post your currently navigated page to reddit, search on reddit and get the currenly popular stories from reddit. Get it here.
When I was writing this custom button, I found an existing (official) reddit button. Mine is different in that, it allows you to 
1. Post web pages to reddit.
2. Search currently selected text at reddit.
(What is reddit)

4. Digitalpoint: Search at digital point(need to be logged in0 and read the feeds there.
What does it do? Get it here.
1. Search any query on digitalpoint from google toolbar.
2. Search for selected text on google toolbar.
3. Read the latest posts as a feed.