I am a free spirited individual who believes that the essential element for growth and success is enthusiasm, commitment and pursuit of the undone. However good or bad our life experiences might seem, they have a finite beginning and end, unknown to us albeit. Please go to the links above to check know more about my activities.

I like traveling and have so far lived in 3 countries and traveled to about 3 more with a lot of internal travel within those countries as well. Another high up in my hobbies list is trying out various cuisines - have tried about 25 international ones so far. There are a couple of things which I would like to achieve during my lifetime, which is as follows:

  • Writing a book
  • Giving a public lecture
  • Visiting Mount Soledad /La Jolla Coves (San Diego) with my wife
  • Creating a large scale community/societal impact by way of service
  • Going for a Russell Peters show
  • Buying an aircraft/Yacht

 And the list keeps growing..

I have a few thoughts on life as well:

  • Happiness can be synthesized 
  • We need to derive key understandings from life's bad experiences and move on
  • Life need not always be in the 'insights' mode, it could be fairly operational at times 
  • To be a successful intellectual public figure, you need the following:
    • Structured thinking skills
    • Great verbal communication skillls
    • Good documentation and narration ability
    • Try to solve a pressing problem in society through innovative methods, for instance, Microfinance