How to be potlucky

So that everyone can participate fully and get full. Guidelines to live by.

0) Don't keep your potluck in suspense

RSVP early and often!  Let your potluck eagerly anticipate your arrival with plenty of time to go out and find that knockout tablecloth! Let us know what you are bringing, so no one else wears the same apple brown betty, embarrassing everyone. Plus if everyone brings an apple brown betty, and no one brings wine, it will not be nearly as much fun. Help us avoid uncomfortable dish imbalance—  tell us you're coming, and mark that "Please select something to bring" drop-down menu accordingly.


1) Get you to the shul on time

Please make sure you and your favorite dish are on time for the beginning of the potluck. A potluck with no wine for kiddush is as unenjoyable as showing up to a potluck once the tuna casserole is cold. Get in the know, keep up the flow, and don't make the bentsching wait for dawn's early light.


2) Feed your potluck

Feed your friends, 'cause they're feeding you. Three potluck people can't ride on a single bottle of grape juice and be fair to everyone else. Figure one person brings for eight people (quick mnemonic: eat? eight!). If it's you and a friend—  plan for 16! If the evite conspires to not recognize the additional dish that your friend is bringing when you RSVP (see 0 above), put your extra dish in the "comment" section and the evite fairies will work it all out.


3) Know the “two table system”

It's a two table system.

1) Vegetarian, with vegetarian ingredients. Fish with fins and scales? Okay, so long as people can see that there is fish in it.

2) Still vegetarian plus fish, but all ingredients marked with recognized kosher symbol (more than a plain K) and cooked in a kitchen that uses only such ingredients.

Any processed ingredients (candied nuts, cheese, beans, etc.) without a hechsher? Make it at home on table 1!

Wine, grape juice, and challah (especially important because many challahs bags have no markings) join the appropriate tables, as well.

The tables will be clearly marked to avoid confusion.