The life is the biggest school, which is taught me everything; art and knowledge. And through my small journey I discovered this sentence isn't imagination, it's true. Therefore, I can get all new and every beautiful things. But it's need for a hard work 

Welcome to my Webpage. Let me first introduce myself and tell you a little about me. Hider A. Al-Shabaan, It's my name, I born in kindness land, it's Al-Ahsa'a. And Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is my country, I am an Artist that what Saudi Society of arts and Culture called me. I joined several exhibit. I am also a Designing & Identity Specialist. I worked in designing since 14 years; I got my experience from the biggest companies and advertisement agencies. All these make me more professional and able to arrange between my job, my daily life and work within a team to make what is active and attractive.

Career Objective
A multimedia Art Director position in a well established company preferably international, that offers advanced opportunities, competitive and challenging atmosphere which will enhance my abilities and enable me to gain and improve my skills and qualifications.