Seven Values of Lakota Life

Woc’ekiya – Praying: Finding spirituality by communicating with your higher power, this communication between you and Tunkasila without going through another person or spirit.


Wa o’ hola – Respect: for self, higher power, family, community and all life.


Wa on’sila – Caring and Compassion: love caring, and concern for one another in a good way, especially for the family, the old ones, the young ones, the orphans, the one in mourning, the sick ones, and the ones working for the people.


Wowijke – Honesty and Truth: with yourself, higher power and others with sincerity.


Wawokiye – Generosity and Caring: helping without expecting anything in return, giving from the heart.


Wah’wala – Humility: we have a spirit; we are not better or less than others.


Woksape – Wisdom: practice with knowledge comes wisdom.