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Facilitating Brave Spaces:

Framing Ideas and Facilitation Skills

for Courageous Conversations

Monday, July 27, 2015

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Handouts and Resources:

Adult Learning Principles
- What you need to think about in teaching and facilitating adults

Allyship: Conversations About Race - Curriculum developed by a Seattle Girls' School teacher to teach students on how to be an effective ally in conversations about race

Allyship Strategies - Ways you might be able to address some common statements of denial or resistance

Anti-Racist White Identities - Developing a new framing of whites as active members in the journey to equity and social justice

Anti-Racism Resource Book - See sections on naming and framing race, ladder of empowerment for people of color, and from white supremacy to anti-racist whites

Assimilation to Inclusion - Describing the need for shift of approach, including explicit dialogue

Colormuteness in Schools - Describing the tendency and drawbacks of avoiding talking about race

Cross Cultural Connections Train the Trainer Resource -

Effective Interventions Model from NCBI- Tips for interrupting behaviors that enact bias and can have negative impact

Facilitation First Training Handout

Facilitating Dialogue Skills

Facilitating Ease Around Race - See questions and topics for practice or real discussion about race

Facilitating Large Group Techniques

Facilitation 101

Facilitation from the Inside Out

Facilitator's Difficult Situations Strategy Chart - A tool that can help you brainstorm about situations that may arise and what you can do about them

Facilitator Resources - books and websites that can help you grow as a facilitator

Focusing Frames for Conversations About Bias - Prompts and Conversation Starters for Interruptions

Group Strategies - Facilitating groups according to the Tuckman stages of group development

Growing as an Ally Resource Sheet - Ways one can increase skills and improve attitudes as an ally

Hidden Brain - website based on book of the same name explaining how our brains are pre-programmed for unconscious bias

Nurture Shock - read excerpt from book on race and why we need explicit conversations

Ron Chisom's People Institute - A reflection about the model from a participant and trainer

Showing Up White as a Facilitator - Ways white privilege can show up in a facilitator who is working for equity and social justice

Speak Up by Teaching Tolerance - Strategies for interrupting everyday bigotry

Talking Race and Teaching All Students - the importance of explicit conversations about race

Tips for Facilitators

To Equalize Power Among Us - Used by the Seattle Girls' School Board to acknowledge power and privilege in meetings

White Privilege by Yanco

White Privilege by Beverly Tatum

Working with Diverse Groups Hotsheet - Tips for communicating across cultural barrier