Sigma Gamma Rho Affiliates
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority prides herself in forming lasting bonds with friend who support the mission and vision or the sorority and its Founders. Because we hold people in high esteem, Sigma Gamma Rho has affiliate groups in which a deeper, more loving bond can continue to be forged. In 1939 and 1954, the sorority made connections that have continued today.
From the vision of Founder Mary Lou Allison Gardner Little came the Rhoer Club. The Rhoer Club came into existence as a way of reaching out to the daughters of sorors and friends within the communities in which many members lived. The Rhoer club has had an extraordinary impact on many young ladies throughout the various regions across the country as Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority continues to make a lasting impact upon the lives of our youth.  

What exactly is the Rhoer Club?

The Rhoer Club is an affiliate of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. consisting of middle and high school aged (12 - 18) girls with high scholastic ambitions.  Some think of it as a high school mini sorority!

What do you do in the Rhoer Club?

The program consists of training and guidance in the areas of sisterhood, scholarship, and service. Rhoers meet twice a month and participate in community service activities with members of the Sorority.  

What are the goals of the Rhoer Club?

The goals of the program are: to train and guide young women for leadership and exceptional womanhood which will enable them to make valuable contributions to society, both in their chosen fields of endeavors and in service to fellow humans.  The Rhoer Club seeks to inspire, encourage and challenge young women to make the most of themselves in terms of their talents for vocations. The Sorority strives to help them develop broad and wholesome attitudes toward life and society.

What do you do after you graduate from high school?

The Rhoer Club encourages the young women to seek higher education. If the young lady pursues a four-year college degree education, the young lady is encouraged to join the Sorority. If the young lady chooses a vocational training program, then the young lady is encouraged to join the Sorority’s adult affiliate known as Philos.

Are there any fun sessions?

Yes, there is plenty of fun scheduled. Social gatherings, field trips in and out of state, big sister get together, campus tours, step shows, and much more!

How do I find out more information?

You may complete the Rhoer application and submit it to the Rhoer Advisor with the information provided on the Contact Us page of this website. 

Since its inception, Sigma Gamma Rho has promoted unity among women and for years many alumnae chapters worked with individuals who were not members of Greek-lettered organizations. These women were organized into auxiliaries that had various names until 1954 when the sorority officially approved the organized affiliate group and accepted the name of "Philo"(meaning "Friend") as their official name.

In 1980, the Philos were organized on a national level and have grown to represent hundreds of women organized on a regional level as well. The Philos have contributed countless hours of community service and thousands of dollars to aid Sigma Gamma Rho's aim to enhance the quality of life within every community.

The Philos have continued to render valuable service to the sorority and to the community. The qualifications for becoming a Philo are:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Non-degreed or possess an Associate Degree
  • Dedicated to working within the community
  • Uphold high standards of excellence
  • Remit membership fee

Please email the Gamma Gamma Sigma Chapter at for more information about our Philo Club