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Time for a change:  Here is another photo from when I'm out and about in New York.  I think I will let it speak for itself. 


So I offer this photoshopped image as an expession of my recent life.  This is a combination of my current obsessions: running or riding over the Queensboro Bridge; being outside in New York City; taking photos in the less glamorous parts of New York; and manipulating my images with photoshop.  I imagine this website to be some sort of a photo-blog, with images and ideas thrown up together.

This photo is of two New York CIty Department of Environmental Protection Ships in a convoy down the frigid East River.  I was struck by how these two huge boats were steaming down the river with such a sense of purpose.  I am amazed at how much of a little boy I am.  I was mesmerized by the power of things in the world.  These ships could probably hold two or three of the houses on my street together on their decks.   The barge on the left had a modern diesel version of Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel loading gravel onto the bottom of the river.  These ships, the airplanes that lift off from Queens, and the trains that travel on the elevated out here all fire my imagination.  I love living in Queens County New York!

Photo Galleries

These photos are of bridges I've encountered while running or riding my bike around New York.  Crossing bridges as a pedestrian, a cyclist, as anything but a passenger is a spectacular sensation.  There is monumentality of scale and function that these objects have, and that we take for granted.  I hope these photos help you to look at your world differently. I love being outside in New York.

These are images I took when I was back in California.  On San FranciscoBay’s Eastern Shore there is a peninsula just north of the horse racing track Golden Gate Fields that was  made from the rubble of some forgotten highway.  For years it was a homeless encampment.  All the while people would make art out of the flotsam and jetsam that landed there.  Eventually the homeless were evicted.  The art, however, flourished.  These are some of the thousands of images I took running at dawn there while finishing by dissertation.   For this alone it is a sacred place to me.

Pictures of the family that I've altered over the years using photoshop: 'nuff said.

Pictures that I like that I've altered over the years using photoshop: 'nuff said.

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