Steve Grathwohl


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I am currently at anchor at Duke University Press, where I work on digital content issues, metadata, etc.

I can be reached at sgrathwohl at gmail dot com.

Passions, interests, distractions

In no particular order...

Early Music

Specifically, the sacred choral music of the medieval and Renaissance periods, roughly 1150-1650; or to put it another way, from Hildegard (more or less) through Tomkins (more or less). There is a good usenet newsgroup:


Especially when performed by Phillipe Herreweghe and his Collegium Vocale, Ghent.


Especially Bill Evans. I'm not sure a life without an Evans performance of "My Foolish Heart" would be much worth living.

Also, Brad Mehldau, Jim Hall, Miles, Coltrane, Joe Pass, Bill Charlap, MJQ, Tomasz Stanko, Tord Gustavsen, Grant Green...


I have a 10-inch reflector, with a home-cooked Dobsonian mount, an 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain, and a 4-inch refractor. I don't get to observe as much as I'd like, but when I do, I enjoy exploring the deep sky in Virgo and Coma Berenices, and following whatever comets happen to be around. I also have a list of favorite variable stars that I follow. There are quite a few good astronomy sites on the Web; the best place to start is probably Sky and Telescope's Web site, which has many links to other good places, including Todd Gross's wonderful page.

TeX is a computer typesetting system developed by Don Knuth at Stanford that is especially good at typesetting mathematics, but also gives the user unprecedented control over the placement of the text on a page. It has become the lingua franca for the exchange of technical and scholarly information in mathematics and physics, and also has been used successfully in the typesetting of difficult works like critical editions. Best of all, TeX itself is free. The source code and all the algorithms used to build pages, etc., are available to all, and it has been ported to every major operating system. Many implementations are free or can purchased for a nominal fee.

TeX for any computer, documentation, macros, help files, supporting programs (like BibTeX or MakeIndex) can be retrieved from one of the supporting members of the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network. There is an active user group, TUG, which publishes a quarterly journal called TUGBoat. They can be reached at If you use TeX, join today.

The Environment

I am a past president of the Conservation Council of North Carolina which, among other things, tries to keep the legislature of North Carolina toeing the line with respect to protecting our valuable natural resources. Surf to the link above to see what's up currently.

The Middle Ages

I share with my wife a love for the Middle Ages (she is a professor of English at Meredith College; I am a mere amateur). If you have any interest in things medieval at all, and you haven't visited Georgetown's Labyrinth, then you owe it to yourself to have a look. In fact, blow off work the rest of the day; surf around; you won't regret it.