Adelaide (Addy)

My adventures in rescuing an American Pit Bull Terrier

That's right, this goofy creature you see here is a "Pit Bull", the most vicious, dangerous, raging mad breed of dog out there... except for the part where they're not any of those things.  In fact the more time I spend with Addy and the more I get to know about this breed in general the more I'm certain I will never own any other kind of dog, and will hopefully be able to get involved in protecting/rescuing them in the future!

More info on APBT's in general, including the history of the breed and several common misconceptions can be found on this site. Also a couple short videos about Pit Bull truths and myths can be found here and here .

Addy rocking out some sunglasses


I rescued Addy on April 4th, 2009 from the Ingham County Animal Shelter, in a spontaneous moment where I decided to finally act on something I'd been thinking about for several years, taking responsibility for the life of a dog.  I didn't go to the shelter to get Addy, I went to look at another dog who I immediately knew wasn't going to work out, and I actually took several dogs out before Adelaide, she was so young and cute I thought surely she would be adopted and I wanted to try and save one that may not have a lot of other options.  Finally though none were quite perfect and I brought Addy out mostly to test how a different dog would interact with her.  She pretty much won my heart immediately.  I had 4 of my friends with me at the shelter, but she decided straight away that I was the one she was interested in, following me wherever I went, even when I went to take another dog back into the awful shelter.   I tried a few commands with her to see if she had any training, and it turned out she had not just any but knew everything, come, sit, lay down, stay, she was a pro, and eager to please.  The clincher though was when I knelt down to praise her for sitting, and she stood up on her hind legs and put one paw up on each of my shoulders and licked my ear, pretty much irresistable! I have since learned this was because SHE was deciding to take ME under her wing, and we've had a few struggles over who's the dominant one in the relationship, but we're working it out...   

Addy the day I brought her home, she pretty much slept for 48 hours, shelter life was rough =(

Such a great cuddler!

From the start Addy was the sweetest, cuddliest dog I've ever known.  She likes everyone, but is especially keen on me, which I of course encourage =)  We pretty much do everything together now, I take her with me everywhere I possibly can, and when I'm busy she's content to lie at my feet or with her head on my lap.  Even better she's my personal heater in my bed in the winter.  She's also a great traveler, rides perfectly in the car, is a pro at backpacking, even carries her own pack with her food and water.


She loves nothing more than to lay in the sun all day

Skylar's bean-bag chair quickly became Addy's personal bed

Addy has grown into a beautiful, intelligent, loyal, sweet, amazing friend.  Adopting her was one of the best decisions I ever made.  If you're thinking about getting a dog, all I can say is you won't regret it, and please please rescue one from the far too full shelters, and please consider getting a breed you might not think of as good pets due to recent bad press, although certainly you should research the needs of any dog before you adopt it.  Addy wouldn't do nearly as well with someone who wasn't interested in the outdoors for instance!  Pit Bulls are very special dogs who need a lot of attention, training, and exercise, but they can be the perfect addition to your family!