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Story Overview:

This saga is about heartfelt connections that help us discover the broader sense of who we are and what we can become. It has often been said ... "When you find your heart, you will find your way."


SPIRIT DANCE is the first of this two volume modern day love-story-adventure-mystery that winds its way through the calamitous lives of an imperfect group of people - who unwittingly become the stepping stones of a greater purpose. It is a raw, absurd, romantic, hateful, joyous, irreverent,spiritual experience which proves that even though the world is full of absurdities and wickedness, there are still enough beautiful spaces in which to fall in love - especially if you have a Spirit Helper pointing the way.

The tale begins when that Spirit Helper sends an abused mixed-breed Sioux woman and a disillusioned Montana cowboy down converging paths. Initially this presents an awkward situation for these two people who have yet to overcome their self-imposed obstacles of bitterness and resentment. Nevertheless, they take a chance on each other and after a few absurdities and paranormal experiences break the ice, they begin a shaky friendship that eventually burgeons into a heartfelt union; one where Andy learns the value of forgiveness, and Lynn finally experiences the bliss of being the brightest star in someone's life.

    As their relationship deepens, they discover they have been visited by the same Spirit Guide, and that Lynn has been graced with a spirit-gift she is only beginning to understand. These revelations create suspicions that they were meant to find each other, even though they do not yet know why.    

     Through Lynn's quest to reclaim her lost heritage she recalls many of her fathers' and grandmothers' teachings; she shares them with Andy and they begin to walk the Red Road of her people, embracing Nature's Way, finding clues to their purpose.   

   The lives of the entire group are profoundly changed when Andy and Lynn adopt Gordon, a young boy with a mysterious past. They are completely unaware that this child is meant to help rescue them from dire straits, the consequences of which will strengthen their coterie and enlighten those who have been the most cynical of anything supernatural. 

   When it is finally revealed that they are all part of a stratagem being orchestrated by "Those who walk between worlds," they realize how strongly the temporal is conjoined to the ethereal. Lynn recalls her father's teaching that a person's connection to the spirit world was their "Spirit Dance". whether it be through ceremony, dreams, visions, or supplications, it was what enabled one to clearly hear the voice of their heart.



THE HEALERS is part two of this saga; nine years have passed.  


When after being plagued by discomforting dreams, twenty year old Gordon sojourns to a windswept mountaintop to cry out for a vision. (His Hanblechaya.)

     Inside his medicine wheel the spirit energies of Wakan Tanka answer his pleas in the form of a mysterious set of events that include the visit of a great bear. The answers however, come in the form of riddles that are beyond his understanding.


** It is often the way of the Great Spirit to give only a suggestion or an unclear message.  This prompts the seeker to petition the council of Sages to insure their walk will be more surefooted.


    When his mother's interpretation of his vision, and the council he receives from his elders sends him on a journey to find his biological family, he is thrust into an odyssey that began over a hundred years ago.

   He quickly becomes the prey of those who believe he is the key to a powerful secret, which causes one from the coterie who thinks he must make amends for an earlier mistake, to covertly enter the fray .

     Gordon's quest eventually reveals the answers he needs; however, hearts are torn when his desire to save one threatens to thwart the mission to cure multitudes.


This tale is about the goodness that spills over onto others when our love is sincere; it is also about making the hard choices that can bring us to our knees. It is about standing against apathy, arrogance, and greed to find our true place in the hoop, and it is about caring for Mother Earth so that we are able to properly care for ourselves and our children. For we are all parts of a large tapestry being woven in time, our lives important threads within something much greater than our individual selves. The chances we take, and the choices we make determine its design, and the quality of life for all living creatures great and small.


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