My buddies at home

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Hey Guys my web site will be incomplete without you ...Do send me your foto's, for publishing in this space... 



Jiji Mathew

He is the person who taught me  how to befriend people and see the world outside apart from usual surroundings.  Affectionate, always smiling and etc..etc.. I am not getting the exact phrase for giving a proper description.

Joe Gabriel

A friend in need is a friend indeed, so as Joe. 

Jerry M Thomas

He was my business partner, but now very serious about life after his marriage...but I know to what extend his seriousness will go.

Nevil Sebastian 

 A complete family man... we had some good times together... 

Manesh Dominic

We were class mates since 4th standard and  we shared the same tastes in art and music. And I also cannot forget the second shows we used to see at Sridhar regularly.

Saju T Thomas

My friend at AniroxHey, I still remember the good time we had at Anirox...