Beautiful places in UAE

The places myself and my friends have explored in UAE 

Cities with Skyscrapers…a sophisticated network of highways criss-crossing the country cars zooming about…tree- lined boulevards…magnificent shopping malls…fun parks…a communication network that can be the envy of any country….all lie side by side with the silent desert, wind towers and camels…much has changed within so short a time…if ever there was an ode to progress, the United Arab Emirates would be it.

Wadi Baih 

Wadi baih - Off road mountain route from the outskirts to Ras Al Kaimah to the beautiful beach of Dibba - Oman. 




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On route to Hatta pools from Dubai, the picturesque Hatta dam. Unfortunately we were not able to reach Hatta pools, as planned due to time constraints.

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On route to Hanging gardens

We were onroute to hanging gardens from Al Ain, but due to an accident of one of our vehicles , we were not able to make it through...

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 Khorfakkan beach, Fujeirah

Khorfakkan is in Sharjah, near to Fujeirah port.



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