Scientific Instrumentation Specialists of the Sequencing and Genotyping Facility
Silvia Planas (left) & Dania Rodríguez (right) at ACS Annual Symposium Fall 2014

Silvia Planas, MSc
Scientific Instrumentation Specialist
As a passionate molecular biology laboratory technician with many years of experience, I am highly motivated to help support the Sequencing and Genomics Facility through the development and maintenance of different protocols for NGS platform, e.g. Illumina MiSeq. Also, in a nearby future, I would like to participate in the refinement of Biology Genetics Courses by giving students the required laboratory classes.

Dania M Rodríguez, MSc
Scientific Instrumentation Specialist
My job is to generate and provide DNA sequence data to INBRE associated researchers as well as researchers involved in a variety of projects. We advice researchers about the applications needed to be able to obtain relevant data for their projects and provide trainings and workshops to students and researchers. I have a MSc in Biology and Phylogenetics and my thesis research was involved in The Evolution of Annualism in Cyprinodontid killifish. I am also a programmer in R and Data Science Specialist. My main interest is in providing researchers with the tools needed for data analysis. It's been great seeing how this facility has grown.

Riccardo Papa, PhD
INBRE SGF director
Associate Professor at the University of Puerto Rico
Interests: Population Genetics and Evolution