Molecular Biology Techniques:
  1. Which gDNA extraction method do you recommend for extractions that fail using conventional DNA extraction kits (i.e. Qiagen)?
    The traditional Phenol-Chloroform protocol works best. Let us know if you need the actual protocol.

  2. How can I obtain a higher concentration of plasmid DNA compared to the usual concentration I get using Qiagen minipreps?
    You can find a high-scale protocol for plasmid DNA extraction on the Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual from Sambrook et al.

Basic Bioinformatic Tools:
  1. How many samples should I pool for sd-RAD Tag sequencing using Pst1?
    We have an App available for sd-RAD Tag plexity. See our Tools Area at the right side of the page.

  2. Which software do I use for genome assembly after WGS of my virus?
    If you prefer a stand-alone program, Genenious is the best way to go.