The Sequencing and Genomics Facility of the University of Puerto Rico is a competitive fee-for-service facility that produces high-quality data for researchers associated with NIH-INBRE as well as other researchers throughout Puerto Rico. 

The SGF staff has been providing Sanger Sequencing services since 2006 and with the acquisition of Next Generation Sequencing platforms, they have developed the most popular techniques for genomics data generation. However, the main aim is to provide services ranging from sample preparation and data generation to workshops in genomics. Thus, the staff is continuously developing their expertise through continuous research, actualization of techniques and infrastructure, among other things.

SGF Advisory Committee
SGF has a board of investigators that aid the facility to identify needed funds for equipment maintenance, salaries and overall sustainability of the facility. The following researchers form the current committee.

1. Dr. Riccardo Papa, SGF Director
2. Dr. Paul Bayman, UPR-RP A. Professor
3. Dr. Humberto Ortíz, UPR-RP High Performance Computing Facility
4. Dr. Carmen Cadilla, UPR-RCM, INBRE
5. Silvia Planas, MSc
6. Dania M. Rodríguez, MSc
Sponsors and Collaborators
  1. UPR - Biology
  2. UPR - Río Piedras Campus
  4. HPCF - High Performance Computing facility
  5. NSF - National Science Foundation
  6. MSRB - Molecular Science Research Building
  7. MCC - Materials Characterization Center
Contact Information 

Sanger Sequencing Lab
University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras 

JGD-214: (787) 764-0000, 7088 (JGD-213) 

Next Generation Sequencing Lab
Molecular Science Research Building 

Floor 2, bench 219-221: (787) 523-5331