Tea Trails

The Legacy of the British Raj

5,000 feet above sea level in the central hill country of Dickoya, savour the peace and tranquility of the old 'Raj'. This collection of 4 luxury bungalows, once the homes of British Tea Estate managers, provides a unique opportuity to experience all the art and techniques of perfect tea production.

The bungalows encircle the Castlereagh Reservoir at distances offering a comfortable trek from one to another (max 15km). Choose between a prolonged stay at one or making a circular tour staying a night or two at each.

Each bungalow has its own identity standing in a well manicured garden and boasting spectacular views across the waters (with the exception of Norwoood which is located 45 mins into Estate hills). The elegantly decorated and appointed rooms have discreet butler service from attentive staff.  Menus and chefs, discovered and trained by master chefs of Singapore, present impressive cuisine and wines from around the world, yet with an  unmistakable Eastern flavour.

Typically cool mornings warm up to day time temps in the low 20's, then cool off to perhaps 10 C in the evening hence the wonderful log fires in your bungalow. In keeping with the boutique atmosphere everything is included in the rate; morning tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, pre dinner cocktails, 4 course dinner, wines, some spirits and beers, laundry, local calls, and guided walks !!

The surrounding country has easy access  to many activities for the adventurous: trekking, biking, kayaking, rafting, and bird watching. Those wishing to relax after a whirldwind trip around Kandy and the Cultural Triangle will enjoy  the gardens or taking a visit to the tea factory to learn the intricacies of production; from picking '2 leaves and a bud' through the drying, selection, packaging and more importantly tasting.