Home of a Scottish Tea Planter

Fondly named by its early owner, a Scottish tea planter, Netherbyres bungalow sits upon the Haputale hills overlooking the Piduruthalagala mountain. Gaze across the valleys of the north west from the front, the low country to the rear and on a clear day enjoy views down onto the south coast. The charming colonial bungalow now belongs to a Sri Lankan business man and nature lover.

 Within walking distance lie 80 hectares of arboretum- the oldest in the country and home of deer, wild boar and 7 endemic birds of Sri lanka.  The terrain is similar to Horton plains where you will find primitive Rhododendrons.

The 1901 granite building with its rare oak shingled roof is reached via a steep winding path through the tea estate. The drive is hedged with pretty wild flowers and scented honeysuckle.

Great care and attention is given to the gardens which bloom with Poinsettias, Queen of the Night and climbing roses. The vegetable garden is very extensive with many varieties of salad which keeps the chef in full supply.  Daisy, the resident cow, is a cheerful sight on the lawn as she forces the grinding sound of a lawn mower into redundancy.

Heputale, 1450 m above sea level and 1800mts at its highest point, enjoys the best climate of the island- long hot days , cool clean air, perfect for walking and afternoon tea on the lawn.

The rectangular framework to the bungalow surrounds a central courtyard and lawn. You can relax on the red clay verandah or retire in the cool evenings to the sitting room with large white rattan armchairs and a huge open fire.

Nixon, the resident manager, is a diligent housekeeper and chef. He can be found in the kitchen cooking international delights, or polishing the brass, but never fear, he is at your service  when required.

The perfect retreat for those who want to take in the countryside, its wildlife and some exhilherating walks and waterfalls. Monasteries and ayurvedic training centres are close by for the adventurous, or just sit back, relax and embark on that promised novel.