Rosy Lodge

Where we used to romp and play, as kids, in the Summer


Located on Lady McCallum Drive, a few yards behind the Cargills Department Store, is the beautiful cottage, "Rosy Lodge" which was once owned and managed by the Wapu Marikar Hassim family of Lion Brand Umbrella fame.

The house was used by the extended families in the summer where many have come together in fun and frolic. The beautiful rose garden in the front yard will always bring wonderful memories to everyone who has visited.

In latter years the premises was let to a local bank who have now constructed concrete businesses in the magnificent yard.

The homes of ex UNP Minister for Colombo Central, Jabir A Cader, and ex UNP Minister for Borella, M H MOhammed, are located on either side of this bungalow.

Fazli Sameer