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Greetings from Canada!


I am interested in any memories any of you may have of my connection to

Nuwara Eliya.........the house which I have an interest in was called

"Grimsthorpe", though the last pictures I have of it taken in 2004 were

Very grim. It was abandoned and in ruins but who ever owned it and the property were then trying to sell it I was told.


This home was the residence of Barbara Layard the youngest daughter of

Charles Edward Layard and Barbara Bridgetina (nee Mooyaart) She was the

daughter of a Dutch governor and she and Charles had twenty-six

children, twenty-two of whom lived to adulthood. Barbara, I am told was quite a well known watercolorist. She never married as far as I know but there is

mention of her in several web sites, and in the travel memoirs of Sir Henry

Austin Layard and his wife Inid (nee Guest) when they toured Ceylon.


Any information welcome

Best wishes to all


Jane, Ottawa Ontario, Canada



Charles Edward & Henry Peter John Layard were the sons of the Rev. Charles Peter Layard, the Dean of Bristol they were both in the CCS and arrived in Ceylon in 1804 & 1803. Henry Married a Miss Austen and their son was the famous archaelogist, Sir Henry Austen Layard of Nineveh fame.Charles Edward married Barbara Bridgetina Mooyart and had 26 children!!He had a house in Kalutara where he was collector called 'Mount Layard'..His eldest son was Sir C.P Layard. G.A of the western province etc.Layards Broadway is named after him.His son , was Sir Chas. Peter Layard Attorney General . C.E Layard was guardian to the children of Dr Abraham White.C.P Layard sen. married Louisa Edwards his cousin.This distinguished family held many important posts in Ceylon and seem to have contributed much.

Anne Winter Williams, UK

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Nov 3 2003

Come this January (2004) I will be taking a trip to Sri Lanka with my wifes family, and I would like to find out about my own family history in Sri Lanka. I have recently recieved a Great Great Aunts Obit from the Ceylon Post (probably the wrong name) and was looking for more information primarily on The Layards one of wich being Barbara (year of death escapes me know) and the Family estate in Nuwara Eliya "Grimsthorpe". I know there was some relatives in the CCS. Could someone help me out, with more information.

Thank you
Brent Fossett


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