An estate filled with hospitality

Life at Agar has not changed in the last century since the estate (Agar Estate) and its bungalow was converted into a Guest House. Todays visitors and guests should embrace the  beauty and splendor of the plantation and the melodious Victor Silvestor gramphone tunes that can be heard, in the same breath.

A privately owned family tea plantation and a delightful bungalow set at the foot of Adam’s Peak and just 45 minutes drive from Ratnapura. The present bungalow is built where Agar once lived, classically designed to a colonial and green roof style. John Shelton Agar Esq.’s land is one of the oldest tea estates, pioneered by a British planter who brought China tea to Ceylon in 1870.

 Drive through dense jungle and skirt impressive waterfalls to reach this working estate cottage with two and a half acres of tropical garden.  The cottage comprises a drawing room in rich Tuscan colours and a wealth of antiques, overlooking the quarter acre span Ficus Benjamina tree.

 Relax with a cocktail and Ella Fitzgerald’s melodic tones by night and by day explore the estate tea factory. At sunrise the scenery is magnificent, and twitchers will delight in the resident flock of jungle fowl. The garden summerhouse is a perfect afternoon tea stop and is surrounded by orchids and wild flowers.

A fascinating respite for the hill climber, or the Adams Peak pilgrim.