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    Denzil Martin* (Greens Chairman)
    Peter Leith (Head Greenkeeper)
    Martyn Brown*
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    Winter Conditions

    posted 31 Oct 2013 13:32 by Clive Mason

    Ladies and Gents

    It can’t have escaped your attention that we have arrived at that time of year again when the course greets the annual arrival of roped off areas and white hoops.

    Whilst none of us like to see anything that takes away from the natural beauty of the course, hopefully if members and visitors help by following the course management directions, we will all benefit from having a much nicer course, much earlier in the playing season next year.

    Following several periods of heavy rainfall towards the end of October, it was very clear that immediate action was required to protect the most vulnerable areas of the course. These are usually found when walking from green to tee and a typical example is to the right of the 1st green and second tee. In order to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear of the course, the greens committee have decided to move the 2nd tee forward during periods of excessively wet playing conditions.

    Other obvious areas of essential winter course management include the need to manage the direction of players when leaving most of the paths on the course.

    Some of the winter changes however are far less obvious. An example is the need to play of a temporary tee on the gents 8th hole, when the tee on the adjacent 11th is used throughout the year. A recent inspection showed a very clear difference between the levels of surface water on these two tees and highlighted the need for a winter alternative.

    Clearly whilst many of the above activities are not always greeted fondly by golfers, there are clearly times throughout the winter when some or all of the above are not necessary.  With this in mind the greens staff will endeavour at all times to keep the winter restrictions to an absolute minimum. We would ask that all members and visitors alike play their part, by respecting the request to follow marked instructions.


    Greens Committee

    October 2013 

    Course condition report Oct 13

    posted 28 Oct 2013 06:43 by Clive Mason

    An independent report on the condition of the golf course is available below.

    Essential Tree Work

    posted 16 Sep 2013 02:51 by   [ updated 16 Sep 2013 02:54 ]

    Greens Committee Update
    Ladies and Gents, on Monday September 16th essential tree maintenance work will commence on the course, as recomended by local tree surgeon, Benbow Brothers.
    On July 30th Benbows accompanied our Head Greenkeeper, Peter Leath, on a course inspection and strongly recomended the following work:-
    The Beech Tree on the left hand side of the 18th fairway requires the crown to be removed, following the recent branch loss.
    The Beech tree on the right hand side of the 14th green also requires a decaying branch to be removed, in order to protect the remainder of the tree.
    The left hand side of the 9th fairway has an Ash tree that requires the removal of a dead top.
    Another Beech tree on the 7th hole is now interfering with the approach to the green and will have around 2 meters removed from the crown.
    Finally, the Horse Chestnut on the right had side of the 3rd fairway is virtually rotten and is rapidly deteriorating. This will be removed. 
    Whilst none of us like to see any trees, or parts of removed, I hope you can appreciate that this action is only taken in the longer term interest of the course.
    A full copy of The Tree Surgeons report will be placed on the greens notice board.

    Denzil does divoting!

    posted 19 Oct 2012 05:25 by Clive Mason

    One of our members, Denzil Martin, has been working hard doing his bit for the 'adopt a hole' scheme.
    During the past week he's filled in divots and repaired pitch-marks on the 18th hole and now he's now moved on to other holes.

    Denzil is a firm believer in members looking after the course. If you'd like to join in just add your name to the list of the notice board. Divot bags are available from the pro shop at no cost and boxes of seed mix are available at holes around the course.

    Repairing Pitch Marks

    posted 19 Oct 2012 03:47 by   [ updated 19 Oct 2012 05:43 by Clive Mason ]

    Ladies and Gents
    The recent STRI annual report on the the presentation of the golf course (see post from Clive on Oct 12th) makes very interesting reading, especially on the subject of Pitch Marks.
    A badly repaired pitch Mark is as bad as an unrepaired one.
    Do you know how to repair a Pitch Mark correctly ?
    Several demonstrations are shown on You Tube - click here to see.

    Report on golf course

    posted 12 Oct 2012 15:10 by Clive Mason   [ updated 18 Oct 2012 12:20 ]

    Click on the pdf file below to open

    Adopt a Hole - Update 16 August

    posted 16 Aug 2012 12:49 by Clive Mason

    Divot repairing is proving to be a success, with warm temperatures and regular rain providing ideal growing conditions.
    Our fairways have never looked better, so lets aim to keep them that way. 

    Remember to fill your divot bags when arriving at the first tee.

    If you haven't got a divot bag yet you can still collect one from the Pro Shop.

    Adopt a Hole - Seed boxes

    posted 1 Aug 2012 13:32 by Clive Mason

    Soil / Seed boxes are now available around the course.

    Volunteers, please make sure you use!  If you haven't yet done so please collect your free divot bag from the Pro Shop.

    Members: it's not just Adopt a Hole volunteers who can use the seed boxes. Bags are still available in the Pro Shop so ask for one and do your bit to look after the course.

    Course Closure - Friday July 13th

    posted 13 Jul 2012 04:40 by

    Ladies and Gents, following yet another night of steady rain on Thursday, The Green's staff had no alternative but to close the course on Friday July 13th.
    Whilst there will be a planned inspection on both Saturday and Sunday mornings as usual, I just wanted to try and set expectations that the outlook for a weekend of golfing is not looking too promising. A decision has already been taken to postpone the Gents match against Bridgnorth planned for Sunday.
    With the forecast of yet more heavy rain for the evening of Friday 13th the chances of the course being playable on Saturday are less than 50/50.
    The rainfall on the course in June was 110mm and already in July we have had a further 97mm (and rising).
    Should the forecasted rain avoid us and things change, please rest assured that everything possible will be done to open the course as soon as possible.
    I appreciate that none of us want to see the course closed over weekends in July, however, I would just like to try and let all members have as much information as possible, in order for them to make their own decisions for their plans over the weekend.
    Colin Wall
    Chairman of Greens

    June Greens Meeting

    posted 15 Jun 2012 06:30 by

    The Greens committee held their monthly meeting this week and discussed both new and ongoing initatives for the course.
    Many thanks to The Senior Section for their support with the "Adoption of a Hole" programme and their kind donation of 40 bags to help members fill divots.
    Work to supply sprinkler irrigation on all tees from holes 1-7 will commence in August and whilst not immediately beneficial, I'm sure this will form part of the longer term improvement to the course.
    Greens staff are currently ensuring that everything possible is being done to present the course at its best for members, especially for both Gents and Lady Captain's days and for the EWGU competition between June 19-21.
    As ever, a full copy of the meeting minutes will be available behind the bar.

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