Band Registration - Sign up today

First place is Rittenhouse Soundworks Recording Session, & more

-> Contact for Full details and official registration form

The first 6 bands to email their registration info to are IN - but, your $25 registration fee must be received to keep your spot.  

1st Prize - $175, plus recording session, and spot performing at Haverford Music Festival.
2nd Prize - $110, plus professional photo shoot.
3rd Prize - $75  ....

Additional Prizes: 
*Judges Prize: You went all out, your band has heart! - $40 
*Pied Piper: Fans love you, they'll follow you anywhere! You marketed the gig, sold the tickets, brought the crowd! - $40

-> Want a recording of your live performance?  That's our hope and dream, and we're working hard to make that happen.

Basic Rules:
  • Band members must be between ages of 13 - 21 years old
  • All types of Music welcomed (family friendly lyrics)
  • Mics and sound system provided 
  • Each band has 30 minutes to play including set-up and break down - time yourself so you know how long it takes to setup and break down - you don't want to take too long, or play too short 
  • Limit to one adult roadie over the age of 21
  • Competition focuses on all aspects of a successful band, which includes setting up equipment, managing gigs, advertising, and drawing a crowd - so competing bands and their members will be responsible for handling all aspects of their Battle gig - but we're happy to answer questions and offer advice :-)

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