Reliability Engineering and Statistical Analysis
Data have you puzzled? Think a problem is solved only to return and cause chaos? sf(x) Engineering can provide the answers. Free quote and problem discussion with no obligation. We are here to help you and make you successful. Reliability Consultant for improved product reliability, warranty and field service data analysis and warranty cost predictions.

Reliability Engineering
Reliability is quality over time - often thought of as the time to failure. Understanding product or equipment reliability is key to minimizing service costs and increased customer satisfaction

Statistical Analysis and Training
Making sense out of data, evaluating the data source or consolidating data into meaningful information is the most important service we provide. Actionable, meaningful reporting is key to moving forward and finding your big breakthrough.

Common Requests for Assistance 
• Working with large data-sets
• Warranty analysis and return expectations
• Product field performance of mechanical systems
• Warranty cost estimates
• Accelerated test planning and analysis
• Degradation analysis
• Trend analysis and forecasting
• FEA and stress analysis
• Experimental designs and analysis
• Curve fitting and modeling
• Forensic statistics

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