Philippines and the Community of St Francis Xavier

For many years now the Parish of St Francis Xavier, Montmorency, has had a close relationship with the Philippines in many ways.

The primary schools, St Francis Xavier and Holy Trinity have Friendship Schools in Cebu. This program has developed a great understanding by our children to the needs of their student friends in the Philippines who have so little. In Cebu the schools need the basics such as chalk, exercise books, pens, pencils, general stationary requirements as well as school uniforms.

Our Parish has encouraged interested parishioners to visit the Philippines on organised social outreach visits to have some amazing experiences. These visits allow the traveller to meet and chat with families in squatter areas in both Manila and the province of Cebu.
Among other things, time is devoted to:

  • Learning about human trafficking by visiting an organisation working in this area.
  • Friendship School visits.
  • Staying up the mountain in the Kadasig community in Patupat, Barili.
  • Spending time with families living on a massive rubbish dump
  •  Spending time at the Kadasig Aid & Development Inc. office in Cebu City.

Also whilst in Cebu, those who sponsor a child and their family, are able to meet and get to know each other.

Currently these visits take place twice a year, usually in November and February. November 2017 will see a group of adults going for two weeks and then in February 2018 students from Holy Trinity Primary School will be travelling, each with a parent.

If you would like more information please contact Glenys Gayfer: at any time.