Passionist Family Groups

St Francis Xavier Parish

FAMILY GROUP MOVEMENT: Proudly celebrating 20 years in 2015

    To get to know other members of the Parish

To support each other, sharing each other’s joys and sorrows and so building the Christian community
To involve our children in our Christian sharing directly, if possible
If not, then indirectly by our example

Family Groups have operated in the St Francis Xavier Parish since July 1995. The current Parish Family Groups are made up of
a number of ‘units’: a unit can be a single person to a family with a number of children at a variety of ages. Inevitably, over the years, these groups have seen their children grow to adulthood and move on. Others have welcomed new members including families with young children.

What is a Family Group and what does a Family Group do?
Family Groups provide an extended family for all who wish to belong: church-going or not, young or elderly, married, single, separated, widowed or divorced. EVERYONE is welcome to join. A Family Group’s members gather once a month to enjoy being with one another and gradually to develop supportive relationships. Some gatherings are just for adults (to give parents of young children a bit of breathing space), while others include the children. An annual weekend away together is strongly recommended. In this way people get to know each other and bonds slowly develop. Family Groups focus on people caring for and accepting each other just as they are.

Some enjoyable SFX Family Group activities have included

   A day out to the Kerrisdale Mountain Railway and Museum

   An evening playing Barefoot Bowling locally, followed by a Pizza Feast

   A shared dinner hosted in the home of one of the member families provided for lots of laughs and conviviality

   A picnic at Hanging Rock

   Morning tea at the Hurstbridge PO, travelling there by train

   Dinner at the RMIT restaurant in Preston is a popular event for one group

   Breakfast at an Eltham café ‘cause the kids were there, too!

   A tour of the Docklands, travelling there by public transport


The SFX Family Group Movement and the Future

Through awareness-raising and invitation we hope to form new Parish Family Groups to include:

1.The many young people who have moved into our Parish in recent years who have preschoolers or children attending the Parish and other local schools. We want these young people to experience the supportive, friendly and caring environment for both children and adults that is characteristic of our Family Groups,

2. Others, of ANY age, who are new to the parish and long term parishioners, of ANY age, who are seeking to give and/or receive friendship.