Liturgy Team

Our Parish Liturgy Team is made up from a dozen or so parishioners, all of whom are actively involved in the liturgical life of the parish, as musicians, sacristans, ministers of the Word and Eucharist, preparers of Sunday's Prayer of the Faithful, members of the Baptism Team, and so on. Each therefore has a hands-on involvement in the community's liturgy, and - of course - a vested interest in seeing that it all goes well!

Effective liturgy needs imagination, a sense of taking us beyond ourselves, of dreaming of what might just be possible. One role of the team, then, is to take time to nurture our own spiritual lives, and - in discerning where the parish community 'is' in its faith journey - to dare to encourage a spiritual thread that one hopes would really engage us all in the prayer we make together. Throughout the liturgical year, but especially in the great seasons of Advent, Christmastide, Lent, The Triduum and Eastertide, we work in the hope of capturing the imagination of the Montmorency community in experiencing the unfathomable love of God.

They say, though, that vision without action is just daydreaming! So the other part of the Liturgy Team's work is to take a share in the planning and doing of our liturgical expressions.