Baptism Preparation


About two thousand years ago, an adult would have sought baptism as a sign and affirmation of their new commitment to dedicating their lives to God. The blessings that came with their decision would strengthen and inspire them in their daily thoughts, words, and actions - to walk with God in all aspects of their lives both good and bad, significant and seemingly trivial or mundane.  Today parents choose baptism for their child - this decision means that they wish to dedicate the best of themselves to bringing their child up in the Faith, to teach them about Jesus and to help this child along in their own, developing faith journey. 

At St Francis Xavier Parish we acknowledge the relationship of the child with our faith community and wish to honour this by helping parents prepare themselves and their child for this Sacrament.

Baptisms are celebrated with up to four families at 12 noon each Sunday except for the first Sunday of the month. Early bookings are required as dates can sometimes not be available for some months ahead.

Members of the Parish Baptism Team run a preparation meeting on the third Wednesday evening of each month at 8pm.

Dates for upcoming meetings in 2018:

20 June

18 July

15 August

19 September

17 October

21 November

12 December (2nd Wed)

If you would like to discuss any aspect of Baptism or wish to make a booking, please contact the Parish Office on 9435 2178 or via email: