• Relate to NGSS and California Science Standards
  • Provide teachers with numerous simple examples of CSCS that they can use in their classrooms
  • Teachers improve upon ready-made CSCS activities
  • Purchase equipment so teachers can implement in the classroom (e.g. rocket launcher, torque device, etc.)
  • Go deeper with science content.  Reduce the number of tech innovations.
  • Ultimately, teachers can make their own CSCS lessons
  • Approximately 60% HS teachers; 40% MS teachers
  • Approximately 1/3 bio; 1/3 chem; 1/3 physics.  Two teachers teach part time
CSCS Activities
    • CSCS activities that I have developed or am in the process of developing. 
Videos / Tutorials
Things to do to prepare
  • make tutorial videos (N, B)
  • All faculty make/update personal websites (BF, DK, GV, GS, NH, Md'A, DNG. KC, HP)