The New Internet Top 100 Science Fiction And Fantasy List

Books That Need More Votes!

There are currently 427 books that do not have enough votes to appear in either the Top 100 list or the extended list. Please feel free to vote for any of the books listed below and, with luck, they will appear in one of the lists fairly soon.

Spelljammer: Beyond The Moons  -  David Cook
Exiles of Colsec  -  Douglas Hill
Ironhelm  -  Douglas Niles
Inquisitor  -  Ian Watson
Shadowplay  -  Jo Clayton
The Song of Mavin Manyshaped  -  Sheri S Tepper
The Wizard of 4th Street  -  Simon Hawke
Sentience: A Novel of First Contact  -  Terry A Adams
Subspace Encounter  -  E E Doc Smith
Riders of the Winds  -  Jack Chalker
Shadowspeer  -  Jo Clayton
Owlsight  -  Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon
Battletech: Lost Destiny: Blood of Kerensky, Volume Three  -  Michael A Stackpole
King and Emperor  -  Harry Harrison & John Holm
Chaos Child  -  Ian Watson
The Virgin and the Swine  -  Evangeline Walton
Star Trek: Vulcan!  -  Kathleen Sky
Demon of the Dark Ones  -  Robert E Vardeman & Victor Milan
Spelljammer: The Ultimate Helm  -  Russ Howard
Starlight: The Great Short Fiction of Alfred Bester  -  Alfred Bester
Report on Planet Three and Other Speculations  -  Arthur C Clarke
Night Arrant  -  Gary Gygax
Gene Wolfe's Book of Days  -  Gene Wolfe
Catacomb Years  -  Michael Bishop
Time Bomb and Zahndry Others  -  Timothy Zahn
Galatea In 2D  -  Aaron Allston
Gridlock  -  Ben Elton
Han Solo at Stars' End  -  Brian Daley
A is for Anything  -  Damon Knight
Paradise  -  Dan Henderson
A Rose-Red City  -  Dave Duncan
The Funhouse  -  Dean Koontz
The Inferno  -  Fred & Geoffrey Hoyle
Suna no Onna (Woman in the Dunes)  -  Kobo Abe
Wall of Serpents  -  L Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt
From the Legend of Biel  -  Mary Staton
A Stretch of the Imagination  -  Randall Garrett
The Sixteen Keys  -  Randall Garrett
The Eyes Have It  -  Randall Garrett
The Ipswich Phial  -  Randall Garrett
The Napoli Express  -  Randall Garrett
The Muddle of the Woad  -  Randall Garrett
A Case of Identity  -  Randall Garrett
A Matter of Gravity  -  Randall Garrett
The Bridge Across Forever: A Love Story  -  Richard Bach
Light on the Sound  -  S P Somtow
Gilden-Fire  -  Stephen Donaldson
Me: A Novel of Self-Discovery  -  Thomas T Thomas
The Jedi Academy Trilogy  -  Kevin J Anderson
Worlds Of The Wall  -  C C MacApp
Science Fiction Showcase  -  Mary Kornbluth
City Wars  -  Dennis Palumbo
Maxwell's Demon  -  Martin Sherwood
Quest For The Future  -  A E Van Vogt
Trouble On Titan  -  Alan E Nourse
A Deeper Sea  -  Alexander Jablokov
The Day After Tomorrow  -  Allan Folsom
The Sun Of Return  -  Ansen Dibell
Tidestorm Limit  -  Ansen Dibell
Autumn Angels  -  Arthur Byron Cover
The Destruction Of The Temple  -  Barry N Malzberg
City Of Darkness  -  Ben Bova
Wizard's Mole  -  Brad Strickland
Journey To The Center  -  Brian Stableford
The Paradise Game  -  Brian Stableford
The Primal Urge  -  Brian W Aldiss
Recall Not Earth  -  C C MacApp
Shambleau And Others  -  C L Moore
Earth's Last Citadel  -  C L Moore & Henry Kuttner
The Last Hawk  -  Catherine Asaro
The Earth Saver  -  Catherine Wells
The Silicon Man  -  Charles Platt
The Falcon And The Serpent  -  Cheryl A Smith
The Secular Wizard  -  Christopher Stasheff
The Warlock Heretical  -  Christopher Stasheff
The Warlock Insane  -  Christopher Stasheff
The Warlock Rock  -  Christopher Stasheff
The Warlock's Companion  -  Christopher Stasheff
The Witch Doctor  -  Christopher Stasheff
Strangers In The Universe  -  Clifford D Simak
The Wizard Of Anharitte  -  Colin Kapp
A Bad Day For Ali Baba  -  Craig Shaw Gardner
The Other Sinbad  -  Craig Shaw Gardner
The Steel Crocodile  -  D G Compton
Hell's Pavement  -  Damon Knight
The Ayes Of Texas  -  Daniel Da Cruz
Time Safari  -  David Drake
Heirs Of Empire  -  David Weber
Wild Country  -  Dean Ing
The Paradise Tree  -  Diana L Paxson
Sphereland  -  Dionys Burger
Eclipsing Binaries  -  E E Doc Smith
Men, Martians And Machines  -  Eric Frank Russell
Shallows Of Night  -  Eric Van Lustbader
The Children Of Llyr  -  Evangeline Walton
The Breeds Of Man  -  F M Busby
Soft And Others  -  F Paul Wilson
The Third Policeman  -  Flann O'Brien
Berserker Kill  -  Fred Saberhagen
The Berserker Attack  -  Fred Saberhagen
Tales From The Planet Earth  -  Frederik Pohl & Elizabeth Anne Hull
The Knight And Knave Of Swords  -  Fritz Leiber
The Songbirds Of Pain  -  Garry D Kilworth
Sea Of Death  -  Gary Gygax
The Earth Lords  -  Gordon Dickson
Find The Changeling  -  Gregory Benford & Gordon Eklund
The Lurker At The Threshold  -  H P Lovecraft & August Derleth
Merlin's Godson  -  H Warner Munn
King Of The North  -  Harry Turtledove
The Startling Worlds Of Henry Kuttner  -  Henry Kuttner
The Wazir And The Witch  -  Hugh Cook
The Werewolf And The Wormlord  -  Hugh Cook
The Wicked And The Witless  -  Hugh Cook
The Wishstone And The Wonderworkers  -  Hugh Cook
The Women And The Warlords  -  Hugh Cook
The Wordsmiths And The Warguild  -  Hugh Cook
Ralph 124C 41+: One to Foresee For One  -  Hugo Gernsback
The Disaster Area  -  J G Ballard
Dance Band On The Titanic  -  Jack Chalker
Seetee Ship  -  Jack Williamson
Seetee Shock  -  Jack Williamson
The Queen Of The Legion  -  Jack Williamson
Titan's Daughter  -  James Blish
A Pride Of Princes  -  Jennifer Roberson
A Tapestry Of Lions  -  Jennifer Roberson
Flight Of The Raven  -  Jennifer Roberson
The Song Of Homana  -  Jennifer Roberson
Track Of The White Wolf  -  Jennifer Roberson
Skeen's Return  -  Jo Clayton
Skeen's Search  -  Jo Clayton
Slavers of Space  -  John Brunner
Muddle Earth  -  John Brunner
Players At The Game Of People  -  John Brunner
The Dramaturges Of Yan  -  John Brunner
Living With Aliens  -  John DeChancie
Beasts Of Gor  -  John Norman
Captive Of Gor  -  John Norman
Marauders Of Gor  -  John Norman
Exiles On Asperus  -  John Wyndham
The Best Of John Wyndham  -  John Wyndham
An Earthly Crown  -  Kate Elliott
Geek Love  -  Katherine Dunn
The Legacy Of Lehr  -  Katherine Kurtz
Timediver's Dawn  -  L E Modesitt Jr
Contact And Commune  -  Contact And Commune
The Seven Altars Of Dusarra  -  Lawrence Watt-Evans
Black Legion Of Callisto  -  Lin Carter
Lankar Of Callisto  -  Lin Carter
Mad Empress Of Callisto  -  Lin Carter
Mind Wizards Of Callisto  -  Lin Carter
Renegade Of Callisto  -  Lin Carter
Sky Pirates Of Callisto  -  Lin Carter
Thongor In The City Of Magicians  -  Lin Carter
Ylana Of Callisto  -  Lin Carter
The Warriors Of Dawn  -  M A Foster
A Storm Of Wings  -  M John Harrison
Seven From The Stars  -  Marion Zimmer Bradley
Multiface  -  Mark Adlard
Volteface  -  Mark Adlard
Alien Earth  -  Megan Lindholm
Surfing Samurai Robots  -  Mel Gilden
Fortress Of Frost And Fire  -  Mercedes Lackey & Ru Emerson
Ten Little Wizards  -  Michael Kurland
The Last Stand Of The DNA Cowboys  -  Mick Farren
Their Master's War  -  Mick Farren
The Jewels Of Elvish  -  Nancy Varian Berberick
Grimbold's Other World  -  Nicholas Stuart Gray
Child Of An Ancient City  -  Nina Kiriki Hoffman,Brian Froud & Tad Williams
The Dubious Hills  -  Pamela Dean
Venus Of Dreams  -  Pamela Sargent
Soldiers Of Paradise  -  Paul Park
The Demon Lord  -  Peter Morwood
The Book of Philip K Dick  -  Philip K Dick
Shame Of Man  -  Piers Anthony
Star Prince Charlie  -  Poul Anderson & Gordon R Dickson
Dragonslayer's Return  -  R A Salvatore
Tales From Watership Down  -  Richard Adams
The Wizardry Compiled  -  Rick Cook
The Wizardry Cursed  -  Rick Cook
Wizard's Bane  -  Rick Cook
Castaways In Time  -  Robert Adams
Revenge Of The Horseclans  -  Robert Adams
Swords Of The Horseclans  -  Robert Adams
The Witch Goddess  -  Robert Adams
Nature's God  -  Robert Anton Wilson
The City In The Glacier  -  Robert E Vardeman & Victor Milan
A Logical Magician  -  Robert E Weinberg
Merlin's Wood  -  Robert Holdstock
Martian Rainbow  -  Robert L Forward
Master Of The Etrax  -  Robert Lory
Earth's Other Shadow  -  Robert Silverberg
Master Of Life And Death  -  Robert Silverberg
I Am Jade Falcon  -  Robert Thurston
Way Of The Clans  -  Robert Thurston
The Book Of Kells  -  Roberta A MacAvoy
The Return Of The Sword  -  Roger Taylor
The Prisoner Of Blackwood Castle  -  Ron Goulart
The Centurion's Empire  -  Sean McMullen
The Nautilus Sanction  -  Simon Hawke
Blood And Honour  -  Simon R Green
Deathstalker Rebellion  -  Simon R Green
Lifehouse  -  Spider Robinson
The Disinherited  -  Steve White
Bluesong  -  Sydney Van Scyoc
Starsilk  -  Sydney Van Scyoc
Summon The Keeper  -  Tanya Huff
The Master Of Chaos  -  Terry A Adams
Starshine  -  Theodore Sturgeon
The Time-swept City  -  Thomas F Monteleone
The Crying Of Lot 49  -  Thomas Pynchon
Vineland  -  Thomas Pynchon
Cobra Bargain  -  Timothy Zahn
Walker Of Worlds  -  Tom De Haven
Fireshaper's Doom  -  Tom Deitz
Stoneskin's Revenge  -  Tom Deitz
Becoming Human  -  Valerie J Freireich
Aggressor Six  -  Wil McCarthy
Dark Sky Legion  -  William R Barton
Tek Vengeance  -  William Shatner
Le Livre des chevaliers (The Book Of Knights)  -  Yves Meynard
Alternate Orbits  -  A Bertram Chandler
False Fatherland  -  A Bertram Chandler
Star Wars: Rebel Dawn  -  A C Crispin
The Hutt Gambit  -  A C Crispin
The Paradise Snare  -  A C Crispin
Star Wars: Iron Fist  -  Aaron Allston
Star Wars: Solo Command  -  Aaron Allston
Star Wars: Wraith Squadron  -  Aaron Allston
Star Guard  -  Andre Norton
Stazhery (Space Apprentice)  -  Arkadi & Boris Strugatsky
Vtoroe nashestvie marsian (The Second Invasion From Mars)  -  Arkadi & Boris Strugatsky
Return to Mars  -  Ben Bova
Neanderthal Planet  -  Brian W Aldiss
The Book Of Brian Aldiss  -  Brian W Aldiss
A Scholar Of Magics  -  Caroline Stevermer
Dark as Day  -  Charles Sheffield
The Scar  -  China Mieville
The Philosopher's Stone  -  Colin Wilson
Bonds of Vengeance  -  David B Coe
Children of Amarid  -  David B Coe
Eagle-Sage  -  David B Coe
Rules of Ascension  -  David B Coe
Seeds of Betrayal  -  David B Coe
The Outlanders  -  David B Coe
Wizardborn  -  David Farland
March Upcountry  -  David Weber & John Ringo
New Amsterdam  -  Elizabeth Bear
The Chains That You Refuse  -  Elizabeth Bear
Last Summer At Mars Hill  -  Elizabeth Hand
Destiny: Child Of The Sky  -  Elizabeth Haydon
Prophecy: Child Of Earth  -  Elizabeth Haydon
Requiem For The Sun  -  Elizabeth Haydon
Once A Hero  -  Elizabeth Moon
Planets Three  -  Frederik Pohl
The Last Light Of The Sun  -  Guy Gavriel Kay
Dagon And Other Macabre Tales  -  H P Lovecraft
All The Sounds Of Fear  -  Harlan Ellison
Approaching Oblivion  -  Harlan Ellison
The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The World  -  Harlan Ellison
Phoenix Without Ashes  -  Harlan Ellison & Edward Bryant
Blood Storm  -  Heather Gladney
Teot's War  -  Heather Gladney
The Best Of Henry Kuttner  -  Henry Kuttner
The Algebraist  -  Iain M Banks
The Edge Of Tomorrow  -  Isaac Asimov
The Fellowship Of The Ring  -  J R R Tolkien
The Return Of The King  -  J R R Tolkien
The Two Towers  -  J R R Tolkien
Deepsix  -  Jack McDevitt
Omega  -  Jack McDevitt
Polaris  -  Jack McDevitt
Seeker  -  Jack McDevitt
Future Tense  -  Jack Vance
A Working Of Stars  -  James D MacDonald & Debra Doyle
The Stars Asunder  -  James D MacDonald & Debra Doyle
The Girl, The Gold Watch And Everything  -  John D MacDonald
The Puppet Master  -  John Dalmas
The Devil's Armor  -  John Marco
The Eyes Of God  -  John Marco
The Saints Of The Sword  -  John Marco
Old Man's War  -  John Scalzi
Labyrinths: Selected Stories And Other Writings  -  Jorge Luis Borges
The Book Of Sand  -  Jorge Luis Borges
Blade Runner: Replicant Night  -  K W Jeter
Star Wars: Hard Merchandise  -  K W Jeter
Star Wars: Slave Ship  -  K W Jeter
Star Wars: Darksaber  -  Kevin J Anderson
The X-Files: Antibodies  -  Kevin J Anderson
The X-Files: Ground Zero  -  Kevin J Anderson
The X-Files: Ruins  -  Kevin J Anderson
Ignition  -  Kevin J Anderson & Doug Beason
Lethal Exposure  -  Kevin J Anderson & Doug Beason
Star Wars: The New Rebellion  -  Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Dawn For A Distant Earth  -  L E Modesitt Jr
Gravity Dreams  -  L E Modesitt Jr
The Chaos Balance  -  L E Modesitt Jr
The Death Of Chaos  -  L E Modesitt Jr
The Silent Warrior  -  L E Modesitt Jr
The Spellsong War  -  L E Modesitt Jr
The White Order  -  L E Modesitt Jr
Rainbow Mars  -  Larry Niven
Ringworld's Children  -  Larry Niven
The Draco Tavern  -  Larry Niven
In Viriconium  -  M John Harrison
Light  -  M John Harrison
A Ring of Endless Light  -  Madeleine L'Engle
Star Wars: Dark Tide I: Onslaught  -  Michael A Stackpole
Star Wars: Dark Tide II: Ruin  -  Michael A Stackpole
Star Wars: Isard's Revenge  -  Michael A Stackpole
The Stealer Of Souls And Other Stories  -  Michael Moorcock
Star Wars: Shield Of Lies  -  Michael P Kube-McDowell
Kirinyaga  -  Mike Resnick
The Goddess Of Ganymede  -  Mike Resnick
The Best Of Murray Leinster  -  Murray Leinster
Smoke And Mirrors: Short Fictions And Illusions  -  Neil Gaiman
Bloodchild And Other Stories  -  Octavia E Butler
Pandora's Star  -  Peter F Hamilton
Father To The Stars  -  Philip Jose Farmer
Harvest the Fire  -  Poul Anderson
Starfarers  -  Poul Anderson
The Stars Are Also Fire  -  Poul Anderson
The Darkness That Comes Before  -  R Scott Bakker
The Thousandfold Thought  -  R Scott Bakker
The Warrior Prophet  -  R Scott Bakker
New Spring  -  Robert Jordan
Is That What People Do?  -  Robert Sheckley
Fool's Errand  -  Robin Hobb
I Dare  -  Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Local Custom  -  Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Plan B  -  Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Scout's Progress  -  Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Powrot z gwiazd (Return From The Stars)  -  Stanislaw Lem
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon  -  Stephen King
House of Chains  -  Steven Erikson
Memories of Ice  -  Steven Erikson
Midnight Tides  -  Steven Erikson
Reaper's Gale  -  Steven Erikson
The Bonehunters  -  Steven Erikson
Liquid Gold  -  Tansy Rayner Roberts
A Saucer Of Loneliness  -  Theodore Sturgeon
Aliens 4  -  Theodore Sturgeon
Beyond  -  Theodore Sturgeon
Microcosmic God  -  Theodore Sturgeon
The Stars Are The Styx  -  Theodore Sturgeon
The Ultimate Egoist  -  Theodore Sturgeon
Angelmass  -  Timothy Zahn
The Icarus Hunt  -  Timothy Zahn
Orsinian Tales  -  Ursula K LeGuin
City On Fire  -  Walter Jon Williams
Pattern Recognition  -  William Gibson
Alpha Centauri  -  William R Barton & Michael Capobianco
Rainbows End  -  Vernor Vinge
The Time Traveler's Wife  -  Audrey Niffenegger
The Plot Against America  -  Philip Roth
The Road  -  Cormac McCarthy
Axis  -  Robert Charles Wilson
The Fishers Of Darksea  -  Roger Eldridge
Kiln People  -  David Brin
Declare  -  Tim Powers
The Space Eater  -  David Langford
The Paths Of The Dead  -  Steven Brust
The Fair In Emain Macha  -  Charles de Lint & Fritz Leiber
The Fury Out Of Time  -  Lloyd Biggle Jr
In Yana, The Touch Of Undying  -  Michael Shea
Volny Gasyat Veter (The Time Wanderers)  -  Arkadi & Boris Strugatsky
Catchworld  -  Chris Boyce
A Sense Of Obligation  -  Harry Harrison
Illegal Aliens  -  Phil Foglio & Nick Pollotta
Who Goes Here?  -  Bob Shaw
Echoes Of Earth  -  Sean Williams & Shane Dix
Pages Of Pain  -  Troy Denning
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix  -  J K Rowling
The Evil That Men Do  -  John Brunner
The Purloined Planet  -  Lin Carter
Here Be Demons  -  Esther Friesner
The Time Of The Annihilator  -  John Morressey
Magellan  -  Colin Anderson
A Scent Of New-Mown Hay  -  John Blackburn
A Place Among The Fallen  -  Adrian Cole
Bears Discover Fire And Other Stories  -  Terry Bisson
The Kar-Chee Reign  -  Avram Davidson
Erewhon, Or, Over The Range  -  Samuel Butler
Deathday  -  William C Dietz
Horizon  -  Lois McMaster Bujold
Sunshine  -  Robin McKinley
Spindle's End  -  Robin McKinley
Rose Daughter  -  Robin McKinley
Alphabet Of Thorn  -  Patricia A McKillip
Kushiel's Avatar  -  Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel's Scion  -  Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel's Justice  -  Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel's Mercy  -  Jacqueline Carey
A Companion To Wolves  -  Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette
Hammerfall  -  C J Cherryh
Forge Of Heaven  -  C J Cherryh
Passage  -  Connie Willis
Wrapt In Crystal  -  Sharon Shinn
The Shape-Changer's Wife  -  Sharon Shinn
Wolves Of The Calla  -  Stephen King
Song Of Susannah  -  Stephen King
Chasm City  -  Alastair Reynolds
Ashes Of Victory  -  David Weber
War Of Honor  -  David Weber
At All Costs  -  David Weber
Heroes Die  -  Matthew Woodring Stover
Blade of Tyshalle  -  Matthew Woodring Stover
Fallen Dragon  -  Peter F Hamilton
Wake  -  Robert J Sawyer
Watch  -  Robert J Sawyer
Singularity Sky  -  Charles Stross
Iron Sunrise  -  Charles Stross
What You Make It: Selected Short Stories  -  Michael Marshall Smith
Debt Of Bones  -  Terry Goodkind
Prey  -  Michael Crichton
The Last Hero  -  Terry Pratchett
Night Watch  -  Terry Pratchett
Unseen Academicals  -  Terry Pratchett
The Gathering Storm  -  Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
Towers of Midnight  -  Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell  -  Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus  -  Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat Returns  -  Harry Harrison
Conan of Cimmeria  -  Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter
Conan the Avenger  -  Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Bjorn Nyberg
Curious Lives  -  Richard Bach
Splashdance Silver  -  Tansy Rayner Roberts
The Wee Free Men  -  Terry Pratchett