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Last Updated: 2-July-2013

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Rank Title Author Category Score No. Votes
   1The Lord of the RingsJ R R TolkienOmnibus8.8891326
   2A Game Of ThronesGeorge R R MartinS018.857148
   3Ender's GameOrson Scott CardS018.792872
   4Mirror DanceLois McMaster BujoldS068.522119
   5DuneFrank HerbertS018.507898
   6A Fire Upon The DeepVernor VingeS018.410250
   7HyperionDan SimmonsS018.397412
   8The Moon Is A Harsh MistressRobert HeinleinNovel8.373357
   9The Stars My DestinationAlfred BesterNovel8.354219
   10A Clash Of KingsGeorge R R MartinS028.35272
   11Lord Of LightRoger ZelaznyNovel8.333221
   12The Hobbit, or There and Back AgainJ R R TolkienNovel8.305667
   13The Power That PreservesStephen DonaldsonS038.266155
   14TiganaGuy Gavriel KayNovel8.262257
+  15BarrayarLois McMaster BujoldS028.257118
   16MagicianRaymond E FeistS018.249204
-  17Snow CrashNeal StephensonNovel8.248277
-  18Flowers For AlgernonDaniel KeyesNovel8.241221
+  19Startide RisingDavid BrinS028.235329
+  20The Illearth WarStephen DonaldsonS028.230164
-  21The Hitchhiker's Guide To The GalaxyDouglas AdamsS018.228499
   22FoundationIsaac AsimovS018.224636
   23EndymionDan SimmonsS038.216144
   24The Lions Of al-RassanGuy Gavriel KayNovel8.202118
   25Second FoundationIsaac AsimovS038.191535
   26The Once And Future KingT H WhiteOmnibus8.185111
   27Foundation And EmpireIsaac AsimovS028.176529
   28Shards Of HonorLois McMaster BujoldS018.172112
+  29The Warrior's ApprenticeLois McMaster BujoldS018.140116
+  30The Uplift WarDavid BrinS038.132185
-  31The Rise Of EndymionDan SimmonsS048.13289
+  32The Guns Of AvalonRoger ZelaznyS028.122302
-  33Speaker For The DeadOrson Scott CardS028.120463
+  34Reaper ManTerry PratchettS108.11685
+  35Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)George OrwellNovel8.113435
-  36The Demolished ManAlfred BesterNovel8.113193
   37Nine Princes In AmberRoger ZelaznyS018.099336
   38Watership DownRichard AdamsS018.091165
   39Sign Of The UnicornRoger ZelaznyS038.089288
   40The Door Into SummerRobert HeinleinNovel8.079160
   41The Fall Of HyperionDan SimmonsS028.078253
   42The Courts Of ChaosRoger ZelaznyS058.074292
   43A Darkness At SethanonRaymond E FeistS038.067126
+  44The Hand Of OberonRoger ZelaznyS048.063292
-  45Stone of FarewellTad WilliamsS028.060166
   46The Citadel Of The AutarchGene WolfeS048.049144
   47The Shadow RisingRobert JordanS048.045455
+  48The Great HuntRobert JordanS028.039469
+  49The Dragon RebornRobert JordanS038.038465
-  50The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeC S LewisS018.037278
+  51The Player Of GamesIain M BanksS028.035129
-  52The Left Hand Of DarknessUrsula K LeGuinNovel8.030237
-  53The Sword Of The LictorGene WolfeS038.029146
+  54GatewayFrederik PohlS018.019203
-  55A Wizard of EarthseaUrsula K LeGuinS018.018337
-  56The Martian ChroniclesRay BradburyCollection8.017188
   57A Canticle For LeibowitzWalter M MillerS018.012290
   58Childhood's EndArthur C ClarkeNovel8.007224
++ 59MemoryLois McMaster BujoldS088.00564
-  60The Mote In God's EyeLarry Niven & Jerry PournelleS018.003225
-  61The Princess BrideWilliam GoldmanNovel7.996124
-  62I, RobotIsaac AsimovCollection7.983237
   63Small GodsTerry PratchettS137.98092
-  64CityClifford D SimakCollection7.974117
   65The Anubis GatesTim PowersNovel7.973139
-  66Stranger In A Strange LandRobert HeinleinNovel7.972327
-  67The Fires Of HeavenRobert JordanS057.968453
-  68The Eye Of The WorldRobert JordanS017.965494
-  69To Green Angel TowerTad WilliamsS037.961166
-  70The Shadow Of The TorturerGene WolfeS017.952170
-  71The DispossessedUrsula K LeGuinNovel7.950205
-  72Rendezvous With RamaArthur C ClarkeS017.949237
-  73Way StationClifford D SimakNovel7.946170
-  74The Claw Of The ConciliatorGene WolfeS027.938154
-  75Doomsday BookConnie WillisNovel7.93489
-  76Lord Of ChaosRobert JordanS067.933443
-  77NeuromancerWilliam GibsonS017.932316
   78A Clockwork OrangeAnthony BurgessNovel7.923126
+  79The Wandering FireGuy Gavriel KayS027.922158
+  80The Darkest RoadGuy Gavriel KayS037.920156
+  81Neutron StarLarry NivenCollection7.920118
-  82Lord Foul's BaneStephen DonaldsonS017.917186
-  83Stone Of TearsTerry GoodkindS027.917110
-  84UbikPhilip K DickNovel7.917137
   85The Forever WarJoe HaldemanS017.909189
   86Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLewis CarrollS017.905139
   87More Than HumanTheodore SturgeonNovel7.902111
   88Men At ArmsTerry PratchettS157.89384
   89Cat's CradleKurt VonnegutNovel7.892113
   90A Song For ArbonneGuy Gavriel KayNovel7.882125
   91SilverthornRaymond E FeistS027.879128
+  92Starship TroopersRobert HeinleinNovel7.875217
-  93Guards! Guards!Terry PratchettS087.87298
   94Something Wicked This Way ComesRay BradburyNovel7.863110
   95The Magician's NephewC S LewisS067.854174
+  96The Vor GameLois McMaster BujoldS027.85392
-  97The City And The StarsArthur C ClarkeNovel7.850124
-  98The SilmarillionJ R R TolkienNovel7.841196
-  99The War Of The WorldsH G WellsNovel7.840140
-  100Good OmensTerry Pratchett & Neil GaimanNovel7.839163
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