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Welcome to the new Top 100 Science Fiction And Fantasy List, the successor to the original Science Fiction Top 100 list that was so popular. The new list has come about because the original maintainer of the list doesn't have the time to continue updating it and so I have taken over for him. I expect that this site will experience several reorganisations as I get everything set up and I would appreciate any positive feedback and suggestions. Please send your plain text e-mails to "sftop100 AT gmail DOT com" (removing the obvious SPAM blockers) with a subject header that starts with "COMMENTS:" (this is required to avoid having your e-mail automatically rejected by the filtering software).

If you would like to submit any votes then please send them in a plain text e-mail message to "sftop100 AT gmail DOT com" (remove the obvious SPAM blockers) with a subject header that starts with "VOTES:" (please send short story votes in a separate message from novel votes) and a message body containing the votes with one vote for one book/story per line. The format for voting can be found in the FAQ.

NB: All links, with the exception of the Announcements page and the link to why HTML emails are a bad idea, have been redirected to the companion site. Please update your bookmarks to take you directly to the companion site as this primary site will only be maintained for historical purposes. Thank you.

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Article 19:

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Article 20:
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I am making this clear as I have received a DMCA notification from Google that does not include any specific accusation and is, in my opinion, both spurious and baseless. If someone wishes to make a specific allegation then I am prepared to investigate and make changes if I deem them necessary by law.