San Francisco Japanese Sword Society

Nippon Bu-jutsu Tanren Kyoukai
( Japanese Martial Arts Training Association )

Ken-jutsu ( Ancient Japanese Samurai Sword Fighting Skills )

Tameshi-giri ( Test cutting skills ) training

Serious inquiry only !!


You must take 6 to 8 classes in order to attend the regular weekly classes on Tuesday & Thursday evening.  We have the maximum trainees of 3 in a class on Monday & Wednesday.  No assistant instructors in the class !!

We will be scheduling your private classes accordingly.  You private classes will be in the morning or in the afternoon during the weekdays and weekend ( Saturday or Sunday ). 

* Junan-Taiso ( Limber-up exercises ) / Conditioning & hand stand / Coordination skills / Knuckle push up /

* Basic punching and kicking skills

* Basic Tanto-jutsu ( Dagger skills ) / 9 target striking skills /

* Zenshin-koutai ( 3 step movements / striking, blocking, kicking, etc.)

* Batto-jutsu ( Sword drawing skills ) / 40 different skills /

* 8 Ken-jutsu striking skills against the opponent / Blocking & deflecting skills 

and much more !

After the 6 to 8 private lessons are completed, you can start the basic training in the evening on Tuesday and Thursday.  

Our Sensei is your teacher in the Ken-jutsu training classes, Tameshi-giri ( Test cutting ) training & academic Nipponto ( Japanese sword ) study at our Dojo.  Our Sensei has the Ken-jutsu, Tameshi-giri, Naginata-jutsu, Shuriken-jutsu and Karate-jutsu training since the late 1950's.

Monthly tuition $120

Annual membership fee $175      Total fee: $295


Mandatory training weapons for you to obtain prior to the private lessons:

Mandatory training weapons:

1. Bokuto ( Wooden sword ) / $42
2. Shinai ( Bamboo sword ) / Size 38 & 39 / $82
3. Bo ( Staff ) / 6 feet long / $20
4. Wooden Tanto ( Dagger ) / $17
5. Short Shinai ( For Nito-Ryu Kenjutsu ) Size 36 / Cut 9 inches off from the Kirisaki / $36
6. Ken-jutsu Obi ( Belt ) $37
7. Ken-jutsu protective equipment ( Men, Do, Tare & 2 Kote ) / Large size $720

Total fee: $954


You must obtain the following training weapons and equipment for your own:

* Bo ( Staff ) / 6 feet long / $45 to $65 / White oak

* Blue Kenjutsu Keiko-Gi $95

* Yoroi-doushi style wooden Tanto $29

* Black Karate uniform $45 to $50

* Tameshi-giri sword # 1 / For Ryoute-uchi practice / Hantanto $ 850 to $1050

* Tameshi-giri sword #2 / For Katate-uchi practice / Antique Wakizashi $650 to $750

Important note: Non-Japanese products/items are not allowed at our Dojo while you are in Ken-jutsu training.



Grand total fee: $1249 ( $295 + $954 )

Please make a check payable to
S F N S ( San Francisco Nipponto Society )

and sent it PO Box 12235, San Francisco, CA 94112

Upon receiving the check, we will set up our meeting at our Dojo ( Martial Art School ) in San Francisco.  You will be coming in for interview at our Dojo.


Other weaponry: Kusari-Fundo ( Chain ), Fukiya ( Blow gun & darts ), Nunchaku sticks, Naginata-jutsu ( Japanese halberd figthing skills ), Soho-Jutsu ( Spear fighting skills ) & Shuriken-jutsu ( Throwing blades ).
Ken-jitsu: Both Samurai and Ninja styles /
Itto-Ryu & Nito-Ryu / Omote-Nigiri and Ura-Nigiri
Shuriken-Jitsu: Both Bo-Shuriken & Shaken style / Shiho Shuriken, Roppo Shuriken, Juuji Shuriken, etc.

Note: We have the right to refuse anyone's application at any reason & any time since we teach the lethal weaponry skills.

You must keep all the weaponry training in secret.

We have 3 different kinds of weaponry video tapes for your inspection and study:
1. Ninja Ken-jutsu Part 1 & 2
2. Shuriken-Jutsu
3. Tanto-Jutsu.
Available through the TC. Media, Inc. in Fremont, CA.
Other study material: The History Channel VHS or DVD available upon request !
Our Sensei and 2 students appeared in the History Channel program in 2004. The 3 locations: UK, US & Japan / We were the only representatives of the USA Dojo.  The copy of this DVD available after becoming the SFNS member !!
We will be demonstrating the Ken-jitsu skills and Tameshi-giri ( Test cutting ) skills, along with Naginata-Jitsu & Tanto Jitsu:

1. During the annual Sakura-Matsuri ( Cherry Blossom Festival ) in April, 2017
2. During the Grand Parade ( Cherry Blossom Festival ) in April, 2017
3. At the local Japanese bi-lingual Daruma school in June, 2017
4. During the annual Street Fair in SF J-town in August, 2017
5. San Jose Japantown Festival in May, 2017

We will not be demonstrating the Shuriken-Jutsu, Kusari-Fundo-Jutsu and Fukiya in public since they are illegal in California.

We will be using the very sharp Nipponto ( Katana ) during the Tameshi-giri demonstration. Normally, we use the oil quenched WWII Hantanto or Manshuto for Tameshi-giri. You can find them on the E-Bay Auction site, local gun show or antique shows.
The Hantanto: $950 to $1,350    The Manshuto: $1,000 to $$1,650
If you find them on the E-Bay Auction site, you can have us do the restoration work accordingly.

We have a monthly sword study class for you to attend ( The 3rd Sunday of each month normally ).
The annual membership fee ( $175 ).

Warning !!
If you do not have a job, do not apply for the membership.
If you are a racist, do not join our organization.


Tameshi-giri ( Test Cutting Skills )

Shuriken-jutsu ( Throwing Blade Skills )

Naginata-jutsu ( Halberd Fighting Skills ) & Soho-jutsu ( Spear Fighting Skills )

Tanto-jutsu ( Dagger/Knife Fighting Skills )
Tanto-jutsu skills are very similar to the hand-to-hand combat skills, since the jabbing, thrusting, blocking, and deflecting techniques are done as an extension of the hands.  We perform the Randori ( Random or free style ) fighting skills with the full contact system by wearing the protective equipment. This equipment consists of armor on the head, chest, gloves and lower body (Japanese terms: Men, Do, Kote & Tare ).  Both oak & bamboo reed daggers are used for our regular training for the movements.

Kusari-Fundo Jutsu ( Chain Fighting Skills )
The Kusari-Fundo skills are practiced using cotton belts, held loosely in the right hand during the Randori ( Random or free style ) fight. The free sparring is done with the full body armor, but requires a different kind of speed and timing, compared to the use of other weapons. Normally, when practicing the movements without sparring, the metal chains are used, but for safety purposes, the belts are substituted.
The techniques are a variety of swings, snaps, blocks, wraps, and other movements.

In March & April, 2004,
our San Francisco Sword Society was
featured in a documentary on the History Channel,
showcasing many of these sword-related fighting skills.
Information is here: History Channel Feature
  (415) 585-9499 
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