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A message from the SFNS Society

With thousands of junk swords, pseudo-Japanese swords, US garage-made swords and unscrupulous sword dealers in the U.S., it is no surprise that many new Japanese sword collectors, enthusiasts, or casual buyers mistakenly waste their precious money & time on swords that are absolutely useless.
Even with the legitimate or genuine swords, there are over 40 different kinds of Kizu ( Flaws or blemishes ) that possibly cannot be repaired or fatal and therefore degrade a sword's value & quality. 
Among over 40 different kinds of Kizu, there are 3 specific "fatal" Kizu that are very possible in the Japanese swords.  The swords with fatal Kizu have no value.
Nobody should get into Japanese sword collecting without learning from the San Francisco Nipponto Society ( SFNS ).   The SFNS educates its members on how to restore Japanese swords properly, and teaches them how to spot flaws and blemishes in the Japanese swords.   The SF Japanese Sword Society offers the weekly and monthly sword study meetings and  various sword restoration classes at our Dojo ( Martial Art School ) in San Francisco.

The monthly class includes the studies on Japanese history ( Nihonshi ) and language ( Nihongo ) as well.

Sundays: From 10 AM to 2 PM being held at our Dojo ( Martial Art School ) in San Francisco
More than 65% of our information has never been exposed to anyone outside of Japan.  Our associates and colleagues are the Japanese Government certified swordsmiths, polishers, cord wrappers, metal workers, and various craftsmen in Japan.   They often visit the SFNS Dojo here in San Francisco.  During their visit in the Great San Francisco Bay Area, they give the sword lectures, sword restoration classes, Japanese history and Japanese language classes. Our SFNS members, associates and relatives are encouraged to attend these special meeting and classes conducted by the Japanese master craftsmen.  We have at least 3 translators and interpreters during these ongoing classes and study meetings at our Dojo ( Martial Art school ) in San Francisco.
The materials that we use for the restoration work are imported from various cities of Japan, the true birthplace of Japanese swords and ancient Samurai warriors.
The SFNS actually owns various antique Nipponto ( Japanese swords ) & sword furniture that are available for inspection by the SFNS members & associates exclusively. 
Our bilingual Sensei ( Teacher ) teaches Japanese martial arts, Japanese language, Japanese sword history and sword restoration skills at our Dojo in San Francisco.  He was born in the West Kanda area of Tokyo, Japan, & arrived in the US on August 28th, 1971.   He became an US citizen in October 1995.   He offers the private sword consultation meetings and sword-related lessons at our Dojo
As a result of attending these private sword consultation meetings & classes, many SFNS members, associates and sword collectors have become the owners of various genuine Japanese swords, such as rare  Kamakura Era ( 1182 -1333 ) Tachi ( Swords with deeper curvature ), Nanbokucho Era ( 1334 - 1389 ), Muromachi Era ( 1390 - 1572 ), Azuchi-Momoyama Era ( 1573 - 1623 ) and Edo Era ( 1624 - 1867 ) blades in the past 3 decades.

Our SF Sword Society believes that the only way to find success in the field of Japanese swords is with thorough, focused studying, a respect for the
history involved, and sincerity from both Sensei and the Seito ( Disciples or students ).
To become an official member of the SFNS, make a check
( Amount of $175, annual membership fee ) payable
to SFNS and send it to PO Box 12235,
San Francisco, CA 94112
For more information on
possible membership
or other questions
please contact us
( 4 1 5 ) 5 8 5 - 9 4 9 9
We would be glad to assist you.
The complete information of junk swords, pseudo-Japanese swords, US Garage-made swords, swords with Kizu ( Flaws or blemishes ) & unscrupulous sword dealers
in the U.S will exclusively become available when you register
as an official member of the S F N S.

Our Services

Nippon no Bu-jutsu
( Japanese Martial Art Skills )
Tanto-jutsu ( Dagger ) Training
Ken-jutsu ( Sword Fighting Skills ) Training
Shuriken-jutsu ( Throwing Blade Skills ) Training
Naginata-jutsu ( Japanese Halberd Skills ) Training
Kusari-Fundo-jutsu ( Chain Fighting Skills ) Training
Tameshi-giri ( Test Cutting ) Training with Ao-take ( Green bamboo reeds )

Nipponto no Shuuri Shuuzen
( Japanese sword restoration )
Sword Restoration Instructional Classes ( Monthly and Bi-monthly )
Sword Study Meetings ( Monthly on the 3rd Sunday of each month )

Nipponto no Benkyou to Kenkyuu
( Japanese sword study and research ) 
Japanese sword study
Japanese history study
Japanese language study
Special Mei-furi reading class
Special Kanji character reading class
Cancer prevention Samurai/Ninja diet class
or our 
written personally
by our Sensei and edited by
the SFNS executive members & associates !!

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Book Reviews

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  • Book 4: Yari / Naginata Nyumon Book 4 / Japanese 90 points Title: Yari / Naginata Nyumon ( Introduction ) Author: Kazuo IidaVery rare photos are included.   Usually, Yari and Naginata are under-stated and often under-valued.   194 ...
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  • Book 3: Tanto Book 3 / Japanese 90 points Title: Tanto   Author: Katei SuzukiIf you are the avid collector of the Tanto, this is a good reference book.   267 pages
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Available !
Job Training
in the Craft of
the Japanese Swords
Located at our Dojo
( Martial Art School ) in
San Francisco, California, USA.
Various Shuuri-SHuuzen ( Restoration skills ) that will be instructed
during the monthly sword restoration
classes on every Sundays:
Kenma ( Polish ),
Saya Nuri ( Paint ),
Tsuka ( Handle ) construction,
Tsuka-maki ( Cord wrapping ),
Saya ( Scabbard ) construction,
Ume-gane ( Metal implantation ),
Hi-ire ( Adding the Hi or grooves ) &
Habaki-gane ( Metal sleeve ) construction 
Repair on
Magari ( Bent ) or
Hineri ( Twisted ) or  
Uneri ( Spiral ) swords &
daggers, spears, halberds, etc.
( 4 1 5 ) 5 8 5 - 9 4 9 9

About Our Sensei

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( Total: 58 topics )
The opinion expressed in this section
are not necessarily shared
by the SFNS members
and associates
Our Sensei is totally responsible
for his opinion based on his
experience in the US
and in Japan.