Membership Certificate

Guidelines for issue of membership certificate
All ex- student members of Sahoday desirous of admitting their child/ward to St Francis De Sales School should note the following
  • Certificate issue process shall commence from Monday, the 2nd Jan 2017.
  • An application for the issue of the certificate needs to be mailed to 
            Mr. Saurabh Chopra
            Email id :
            Ph.No.   : 9910007407
  • The application needs to be accompanied with the following details
            Name (maiden name also for females)
            Class and year of joining 
            Class and year of passing out
            Admission no 
            Mobile no 
            Mail ID 
            Scanned copy of passing certificate (10th or 12th as applicable) 
  • At the time of collecting the certificate you are also expected to register with your spouse for the next Annual Sahoday Dinner. We encourage early registration to prevent last minute rush and confusion and to make better arrangements for you in advance  
  • The issue of certificate does not guarantee admission of the ward to school during the next academic session. The certificate merely confirms that you were a student at SFS during some/all years of your schooling and hence, are a member by default. The certificate does not indicate that you have participated actively in activities of Sahoday or of the ex-students’ association during the previous years.